How are we keeping ourselves busy?

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      Maria Corito reply use @maria-cori or private message

        Hi everyone, as this isolation is hitting us we are probably finding any possible way to keep ourselves busy. How’s everyone doing? I so far ideated a new lines of candles to sell, baked a lot of delicious goodies and apparently started to watch Dr. House XD

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        Louanneto reply use @louanne or private message

          Hi Maria , im not bad , with two young kids i am quite busy keeping them occupied. I did some cooking and eatings way too much ?? .. need to get back on the wagon ?… some day are better then other ?

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          Maria Corito reply use @maria-cori or private message

            we will all come out of the house rolling once all this mess will be over 😛

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            Cat3773to reply use @cat3773 or private message

              Eating too much seems to be the common theme coming out of this lockdown ?. I have been walking the little legs off my dog and starting to grow a bit of veg in pots. Thank goodness for the beautiful weather!

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              Guilherme Floresto reply use @guilherme-flores or private message

                I’m working from home, trying to learn and study some new things and I’m cycling almost every day. Also many hours of Netflix.

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                Anonymousto reply use or private message

                  Hi guys i cant stop eating its madness im so anxious as well x

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                  Deana Whiteto reply use @deana-lefler-white or private message

                    I’m still very busy. I teach school, raise my granddaughters, cook/clean, and have my own business. There’s never a dull moment around here.

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                    Josué Bustarviejoto reply use @josue-bustarviejo or private message

                      Hi everyone!

                      I see some replies in which I have see a lot of things in common. I guess that watching movies, for example, is something that we made this last year.

                      In my case, I love cooking, my favourite hobby! I even started a cooking channel in Youtube (but In Spanish). I tried the same that you Maria, making natural wax candles, but the result was not best, and the cost was higger than actually buy candles at the supermarket, so bad deal… hahaha

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                      Anonymousto reply use or private message

                        A friend asked me to start growing vegetables on an allotment plot – it’s very relaxing and calming and great to see smth growing.

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