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Are you looking to make a new friend in Ireland? Create your profile and start messaging other adults with similar interests, all free - no limitations. We currently have 3149 people looking to make new friends.

I’ve always been a very shy person until I know the person better so for me to go out and just make friends was really hard. So I thought why not break that barrier down online first!

Louanne, Co-founder BFFinder


Add items that you like — hobbies, sports, music. Then browse to find members with similar interests as you.



Have a 1-to-1 conversations with other members who have similar interests or ones you might like to try.



Jump into group conversations and create your own topics to get to know more members.



Want to organise an event, need a gym buddy or someone to attend a concert/festival? Or just to catch up over a coffee. Create a Gathering with all those details and interested members can message you.


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