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3D Mapping projection 3d printing 20+ 21 30+ 40+ 90s music Academic Work accounting Acting Active Acupuncture adam sandler A drink advanture Adventure adventuree Adventures Adventure sports Advertising aew Afternoon cafe or tea Afternoon coffee Afternoon coffee afternoon lunch/cocktails afternoon lunch/cocktails Afternoon tea Airsoft all music all things spiritual All types of music from metal to classical alt Alternative alternative-rock alternative health alternative medicine alternative music alternative thinking amateur drama American football american history American politics Among Us amusements and chats and do everything from beach walks to nightclubs. and Watching series animal lover animal rescue Animal rights animals Animals (horses and dogs animation anime animes Anime series anims antiques anything adventurous anything creative Anything outdoors aprender inglés aquafit Archaeology Archer Archery architecture Aromatherapy Arr Array art Art & Design Art and music ; Art Appreciation art history artificial Intelligence arts arts&crafts arts andcrafts arts and crafts Art travels ASD ash deserved better asian food Astronomy astrophotography Athletic Athletics attempting arts and crafts audiobooks au pair Au Pair experience aupair friends Au pair friends au pair life Autism aviation Ayahausca retreats babies backpacking Badminton bailar baking baking/cooking ballet bands banter Barista bark bars bars with good company basic car maintenance basketball Bbq BBQ's beach beachcombing beaches Beach walk beach walks bear bearded dragons Beauty beer beers beers out be fun being a mum being creative being outdoors being outdoors in nature Being round my kids Being round my Nieces/Nephews being silly with my kids belgian beer belgium bike bike ride Bike rides biking binge watching bingo Biochemistry Biology birdwatching BL black humor Blogging Bloodstock board game board games boardgames Board Gaming Boating Bob Dylan Bodyboarding Boogie/Disco dancing :) Book club bookclubs books Books ! BoardGames ! Dancing ! Camping ! Cinema ! Cooking Books books books Bordgames Bottomless brunch bouldering bowling Boxing Brazil Breweries Broomball brunch brunching bubble tea Building bullet journaling business Business marketing caffee café Cafés Cake caminar por la playa. Caminos camogie campfires campfires Camping Camping Candle Making Candles canning Canon canping Card games card making Caring cars cartoons castles casually writing a novel Catch up Cathedrals Catholic Catholicism catlovers cats Cats & all felines Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ceiminology Celtic Celts Cenima Charity Charity Shops charity work Chat chating Chats chatting chatting for hours Cheese Chemistry chess childcare children chilling chilling out chilling out chilling with a glass of white wine or a bottle of suds chilling with a glass of white wine or a bottle of bud Chill music chitchatting chocolate choir Christmas church Cider Cikling Cimena cinema Cinematography cineme Cinemia Cinena cinima city breaks City Life Classical Classical music classic cars classic music Classic rock Cleaning climate change Climbing clothes Clubbing clubs coastal walks Cocktail Cocktails cocktails and chats coctails coding Codm cofee coffe coffee Coffee & chat Coffee & Chats coffee&chill coffee/lunch meet up coffee and chat coffee and chats coffee and conversation coffee and tea shops Coffee dates Coffee lover coffee meets coffee meet ups coffees coffee shops coffess Coldplay cold sea swimming Colin Bateman Books collaborative art collect boxes collecting college comedy comedy gigs comedy movies comic books Comics Community Support company keeping Computer games + boardgames Computer programming computers Computers And Programming Computing Concerts conferences conscious living Consciousness Console Gaming conspiracy theories Conspiracy theory Conversation Conversation Chat Conversations Cook Cooking cooking/baking cooking and baking Cork History Cosplay Country life country music cows Cozy chat by the fire Craft Craft beer Crafting Crafts crazy ideas and topics Creative Writing Creativity cricket crime documentaries Crime dramas Crime fiction Crime shows criminal minds crochet crocheting crossfit cross stitch crosstitch crosswards Cruise Ships cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency crystals. cuddling culture Cultures Current Affairs Current events cycling cycling (though terrified to get on a bike in Dublin) cycling and charity work Cycling camping football dairy Dan Brown dance dancing Dark and dry sense of humour darts data science Days out Day trips Day trips around Dublin DC debate debating decorating Deep Coversations deep water running Denmark design Desing different cultures different culturs Dining dining out dinner dinner and drinks dinner dates Dinner Partys dinners dinners out disabilities discord discovering new places discovering new things and places discover new places Disney diversity diving diy DJ Music dnd Documentaries dog doga doggies Dog lover Dogracing dogs Dog Walking Dog walks doner kebabs Donkeys drag drag race Drawing dreams dressing up drink Drink beer socially. drinking drinking tea drinks Drinks ! Hiking ! Music ! Walk ! drinks and chats Drinks out driving drums DSLRphotography dublin e-commerce Easy going Easygoing Eating eating in or out eating out eco eco issues Economics Economy ecotherapy education egirl Electronic games Electronic Music Ellie Goulding embroidery Engagement engineering England English English Literature enjoy a good talk Enjoying family enjoying life. enjoy your life Entrepreneurship environment Environmentalism Equine racing Españoles especially if they are by the Cohen brothers especially if they are by the Cohen brothers. I am looking for people to meet for coffee etc . I also am a big reader who likes crime novels. Ethical Living Ethical Relations Euphoria European city breaks solo travel events Everything new Everything outside the box excursions Executive Coaching exercise exercising Expanding social circle with like minded people expat Experimental music explore explore the world exploring exploring/adventuresetc exploring exploring/adventuresetc Exploring Ireland Exploring new places Exploring other cultures Exploring the countryside F1 (Ferrari) Faith Family Family Carer Family day out Family Guy Family Heritage family time Fantasy farm farming fashion Feminism fencing festivals fiction books Film film buff filming film making film photography Films Finance Finding the creep that sent robots after me and my friend Fine art Fine food first responder fish fishing fishkeeping fit Fitness Fitness animals gym food flowers flying planes Folklore food food & wine Foodie Football football(generally all sports) Football (Soccer) foraging Foreign language learning forensic science forest food. forests Forest walks formula 1 Forrest & Canal Walks Fortnite france Franceses free expression (tattoos etc french French Politics Friendly friends Friendship fries fuckboy emojis fun Fun&laugh Funny Fun with my children futuristic architecture Gaa gadgets Gaeilge gaelic Gaelic football Galway game game nights game of thrones games games nights Gaming Garden gardening Gardens Genealogy general chat general everyday chit chat German German speaking Getting around Dubbln Getting my nails done getting vitamin D when I can ghosts gigs gin Girl girls night out Girls nights girls nights out Girls trips girly stuff Glutenfree gmaing goals going for a coffee going for coffee Going for coffee & lunch going for coffee /tea Going for dinner going for dinnner & drinks going for lunch going for walks Going out Going out for dinner & drinks going out for drinks going out for drinks or meals Going out for food going to Art museums going to new places Going to pubs and partirs golf good chats with friends good company good conversation good food Good Personality good talks good wine go on adventures Gothic fantasy vampire movies and tv grab a coffee grab a drink grab a pint graphic design great conversation Greek mythology Greenkeeper is my job with early starts Group meetups growing my own produce grrr Guitar guitars gym Gym (sometimes) haikyuu Hair Halloween hand-crafting Handmade craft Handmade crafts Hanging out hangout Harajuku Fashion Hardcore hardstyle harry potter Harry styles hats Have a drink having a drink having a few drinks having coffee having coffee out having fun having good talks Health health & nutrition Healthy eating Healthy lifestyle healthyliving healthy living Heavy metal heLP helping animals Helping Others herbal tea Hi all I’m John from Cork Hicking Hie im Ken recently Move to Ireland Hi everybody!!!!!! Hi everybody!!!!!! I hope you all feel great. Hi everyone higher frequencies Hiiiiii I’m a Venezuelan girl living in Galway hikes Hikes (surprisingly :)) Hikes/Trails Hiking hiking and swimming most of the day. Anything outdoors and and I'm in Hiking beer sports cooking music Hill climbing Hill walking Hillwalking historical sites history Hockey holidays holidays abroad holography Home Bar home decor Homemade home renovation Homeschooling Horoscope horror horror movie enthusiast Horror Movies horseback riding horse riding horseriding horses horticultural hotchocolate hot chocolate house interiors Hq Humor hunting hurling I'm a big movie buff who tries to get to see films as much as possible I'm an easy going girl. I'm gay and I'm looking to expand my friendship circle. If you intentions aren't strictly friendship then I am not the person you should be speaking to. I'm an ICU nurse working in Tallaght University Hospital. I'm Interested with male or females I am a minor I am into big variety of things enjoy trying new stuff I am looking for people to meet for coffee etc I am loolking to make new friends to go for a coffee with or a girly night out Ibiza I have a kick scooter for fun I have a variety of internist I like going on adventures I like running I like Skiing i live in Drogheda And looking for New Friends I love football (ManU till I die) i Love going to the cinema 🙌🏻 Do some picnic and meet new people. I love TV and movies I love TV and movies - especially vikings and The last kingdom at the moment Inclusiveness Indie Indie Music Indoor Rock Climbing inej tho Ingleses insects Instagram Instruments Intellectual Discussions Interested in reformer pilates Interests are walks in nature interior design interiors international friends internationalfriends International Politics international’s cooking internet introvert Introverts investing investments Ireland irish Irish dance Irish History Irish Language and Culture irish music Irishmusic Irish traditional music IT I’m friendly chatty it’s o hard at times to make ne2 pals I’m interested in coffee fun activities weekends away cinema swimming reading a good book enjoy watching rugby nights out good food walking James joyce James Patterson Jazz jeeps Jesus freak jewellery design Jigsaws jiujitsu joga jogging John Wick Jokes journal writing Karaoke Kart Racing Katy Perry Kayak kayaking kdrama kebabs keep yourself healthy Kerry Kids knitting Knocknacarra korea Korean Kpop lacrosse Lady Gaga Lana del rey language Language exchange language learning languages Lara Croft Latin music laugh laughing laughs Law Learn different cultures Learning learning about vegs and herbs for better health for mind and body Learning Irish Learning languages learning music Learningnewthing learning new things Learningnewthings Learning something new Learning Spanish learning things Lego less is more LGBT lgbtq libraries life life is an adventure Like walking limerick Listening Listening Music listening to American music listening to music listening to music (pretty much every type) listening to music and podcasts literally everything that good for health! Literature live concerts Live gigs Live music living life Local meet ups local music Locke &key lonely] Longboard longboarding Long walks looking to meet new friends lord of the rings Losing weight 🤯 love Love animals Love coffee Love coffee ☕ Love dogs and nights out Love going on adventures even if that means stopping for a few drinks along the way. From Galway but travel around a lot for work so would like to make some buddies for when I’m travelling around. love nature and animals love science love the cinema Love to eat 😋 Love to read love wildlife or national parks Loving animals of all kind Lucifer lunch Lunch dates lunches lunch meet ups Make friends Make new feiends make new friends Make up makeup makeup/skincare making friends making jewelry Making new friends making n meeting tall friends Making public funny scenes manga mangas Manutd Mario Marketing Markets Martial arts Marvel marvel comics Marvel movies and tv Mass massage math meals meals out Mechanics media medicine Meditating meditation meditation and a lot more... meeting for coffee meeting friends meeting friends for tea and a chat Meeting new female friends Meeting new friends meeting new people Meeting new people; out for drinks; shopping ; travelling; meeting people meeting up meeting up for a walk/run Meeting up with other mammy's Meeting with friends meet new people Meet People Meet ups memes Mental Health Messing about in boats. metal Metallica metal music meteor storms mexican food Michael jackson Military mind and body Mindfullness Mindfulness Minimalism minority rights mobile games modern Warfare mom life Montessori more coffee Most types of sport Mother motherhood Motivational talks Motorbikes Motorcycle motorcycles motorcycling Motor racing Mountain mountain bike mountain biking mountains mountains walk and beach mountain walks moutains movement movie movie buff movie nights movies movies & tv Movies-Foreign/Irish movies/series Movies and tv MTB Multiculturalism Muscle cars museum museums music music- techno Music; learning; philosophizing; musicals music and movies Music especially Melodic Electronic music festivals music gigs MUSICIAN Musics Music that made History :) my hero academia my interests are movies mystery Mythology Naruto National Geographic documentaries natural voice choir nature nature holidays Nature lover nature photography nature pics nature walks Nature Wanderer Naturopathy neflix nerdy stuff Netflix Netflixs Neuroscience new friends new healthy recipes New language new mum play dates news news, New Technology New to Surfing New Zealand night life nightlife night out Nightout night owl nights nights in Nights in Nights out nights out nightsout Nintendo nomad Norway not drinking nothing after 1999 Nursing Nutrition ocean Old movies one day Ireland trip One direction online communities and social media Open-minded open minded people Opera optimism other alt. things other cultures other dimensions other metal bands outdoor Outdoor activities outdoor cinema outdoor life outdoors Outdoorsy out for drinks Outings Over 50 Paddleboarding Pagan pagan or any belief painting paranormal Paranormal Activities parenting park hangouts Parks party Party games partying Partying 🍃💨 Party nights pasear pastries PC PC-Gaming Hardware Improvement pc games PC Gaming peace and quiet peaky blinders Performing personal development pets pet sitting pharmacy philosophy Philosophy Discussions phone games photograhy Photograph photographer photography PhotoShop Phylosophy Physical activities piano picnics Piercings Pilates pinkgin pints pizza pizza night places to eat Places to go out Plant-base lifestyle plant based plants playdates Play drums Play football Playing Cricket playing games playing guitar playing music Playing music(keyboard) Playing Pool playing the guitar playing video games playing volleyball play outdoor game Plays playstation PlayStation 4 podcasting Podcasts Poetry Pokemon pokemon go pole exercise Pole Fance pole fitness politics politics and current affairs Pool positive Positive vibes positivity pottery practise English practising self love Pranks preloved clothes programming Prop Making PS4 Psychiatry psychology Psychotherapy pub pub culture pub nights Pubs pubs & clubs punk Punk rock puzzles Quick chats quiet quiz nights quizzes Rabbits racing radio random chats Random useless facts Rap music Raquet sports readin Readind reading Reading (YA/NA) Reading. Dancing. Socialising. Walking. reading books Reading Books about History Reading listening to music. Family walking . reality tv Reality TV - don't judge! realxing red dwarf red wine reiki relationships Relaxed relaxing Religion religious or not) renovation renovations Renovation works Reptiles rescue dogs respect the drip restaurant restaurants Resturants Retail and wholesale retail therapy Retreats rice Riding quad bikes rivers Road trip roadtrip roadtrips road trips Roblox rock Rockabilly Rock and Roll rock climbing Rock music Roller skating rollerskating rom coms Rowing RPG games RPGs Rubbish music rugby run running sacred geometry sailing Salir a caminar salir de compras o ir al cine salsa Salthill sarcasm sawing Scale Modeling schnauzers Sci-Fi Science science fiction Science fiction and fantasy science fiction films scifi score fun Scouts scrapbooking scuba diving Seaside Sea swimming second-hand clothes shopping Seeing Seeing new places self-sustainability self development Self employment self growth self improvement self sufficiency series Sewing Sh Shadowhunters s Hanging out Sheep shitposts have my whole heart <3 shooting shopping sigh sightseeing Sight Seeing Silence singing Single Skateboarding skating sketching skincare s Learning something new Sleeping Snooker Snowboarding Sober sober activities soccer soccer play social social activities social drinks Social evenings Social events ; Social get togethers socialise socialising Social Justice social media social meeting Social meetings social networks society & culture sociology so free all afternoon with gym Software Development software engineering solfeggio Sound design southern South Korea Spa Space Space documentaries and Gardening spa days Spanish Spa Treatments Spa Trips spa wellness Speak speak English spending time with friends Spiders spiritual Spirituality spiritually spontaneous ideas Sport sports sports music Squash stamps stand up comedy starring at the sky started swimming recently Star trek Star Wars Star Wars movies and tv Statistics staycation staying at home stitching stock market Stocks strava street art Stretching strolls stronger than goku studying Style sun sun holidays sunshine ??? SUP Super Mario Maker Supernatural sup hiking Supper Clubs Surf surfing sushi Sustainability Sustainable living swag Sweets swim swiming swimmimg swimming Swimming in the sea table tennis Table tennis badminton cycling Tacos take it easy Take That Taking kids to the park Talking tarot tattoo Tattoos taxidermy Taylor swift tea Tea.. eating out.. .Animals..going out .. Tea/coffee tea and codde tea and coffee teaching Tea or coffee tech Techno technology TED Talks teen tennis Ten pin bowling Terry Pratchett the arts theater theatr3e theatre the beach The Last Kingdom The Sea the universe The Vampire Diaries The Walking Dead The X Files thrift thrillers thrillers and crime Tidying TikTok tipperary tomar algo Tomb Raider Touring Tractors trading trading card games Trad Music trailing training training dogs Transcription Translation travel travel & adventure. Traveling traveling with friends Travelling Travelling(tours) travelling the world Travelling walking reading Art travels Treadmill trekking Trending triathlons trips trips away trips to the beach etc Trips to the Sun Trombone Trucks true crime Trust trying new cuisines Tttt TV TV & Film tv series Tvshow TV Shows ucd Ukulele upcycling Up for trying new things USA city breaks solo travel vampires Vegan Vegan food Veganism vegetarian vegetarian food Very Novice Photography Victorian era documentary/movies/series video editer Video game developing video games videogames. Videography Vikings vintage Vinyl visiting Disney parks visiting ireland visiting new places Visiting new places-forests visiting places Vl VLOG Voleyball volleyball volunteer Volunteering Volunteering and community involvement Volunteer work VR Vtubers Walk Walkimg walking Walking ..cycling..reading ..listening to music .. Walking. Dancing.cinema. Walking/hiking walking and keeping fit walking and Travelling Walking cinema wine outdoors Walking dog Walking dogs Walking in Nature walking my big dog Walking my dog walking or hiking Walking photography art travelling cooking music walking the dog Walking Watching tele Reading Meeting new People walk on beach walks walks on the seafront Wandering around Wanna try new things watch anime Watching anime Watching documentaries Watching Movies watching netflix watching plays Watching TV Watching TV series Watching YouTube Watching YouTube videos water watersports water sports Web Development Weed. weekend breaks weekend breaks away weekends away Weight Lifting Weightlifting weight loss weights weird fictional characters well-being Wellbeing Wellness wheelchair basketball whiskey Who doesn't love Coffee? Who doesn’t love Coffee? wiccan wild camping wildlife wild swimming Wine wine appreciation wineries wine tasting wining and dining Winx club Witcher Wlking womens football woodworking Wordpress work Working out work mom life Work out workout workouts world war 2 wrestling Writing Writing children stories writting ww2 history Wwe yes shawty yoga yoga and strength training Yoga retreats young for food YouTube zero waste zumba 🍺