Getting fit with a new friend in 2020

Posted 4th January 2020

January is when we all make plans to get fit and healthy for the coming year. A gym membership can have so many benefits for helping you to achieve your goal.

When you buy your membership a trainer from the gym may sit down with you for an initial assessment where you will tell them your goals or aims for your workouts. They will then give you a personalized workout plan and possibly a meal plan.

Going to the gym for the first time can be daunting when you don’t fully know what to expect. A lot of people put in their headphones and try to block out the rest of the room around them, just concentrating on their own workout. Others find going to the gym with a friend helps them feel more at ease. Having someone to chat with or to be your spotter can make the time pass more quickly and pleasantly.

If the gym environment isn’t for you then there’s a range of fitness classes to choose from that target specific areas and muscles of your body. Cardio, Abs, Total toning, Kettlebells, Pilates and Yoga, Weights, Step classes.

Then there are the classes that are fun while also giving you the workout you want. We all know about Zumba, it started a few years ago and quickly became popular. It combines dance and workout moves. If you want something like Zumba but with less impact then I suggest a newer workout called Kangoo jumps. The moves are also dance-based but as you’re wearing footwear called rebound boots they take the impact in place of your joints.

Is there a particular workout or class that you love? Please let us know in the comments section. If you’re looking for a workout buddy you can post a request through the Gatherings feature.


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