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      Serenato reply use @serena
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        Hey guys

        I’m new to this platform. I was just interested to see if anyone else on here is interested in Korea.

        I first got an interested in Korea in 2016. I was a first yar in college and had recently discovered kdrama the previous year and kpop that year. I immediately became intrigued by the language and i decided from then on i wanted to move to south Korea. That is when i discovered the Epik program which allows you to work as an English language teacher in Korea. All that’s required is a bachelors degree in any discipline and a tefl certificate. You apply then submit the relevant documents and if yore lucky you get an interview and pass then you get to go to Korea. I have literally been dreaming about this for 5 years now. Sadly I couldn.t apply this year because of the corona virus.

        The reason why im so interested in going to Korea is because I just think the language is fantastic. I’ve never heard anything like it before. I love learning new languages and I added korean onto my list. One day I just thought to myself what is the best way to learn a language? Of course the answer was going to the country where the language is spoken. That way you can practice with natives and also get to partake in the culture of that country and learn about the history as well.

        I haven’t given up on going yet and I plan to go next year by the grace of God. Wish me luck guys.

        If anyone else is interested to hear more or just interested in Korea in general please feel free to comment on this topic. I would love to discuss with other people.

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        strawberrysto reply use @strawberrys
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          Hey! I’m not planning on moving to Korea but I would love to travel there, I know a little bit of the language and I do mean a tiny bit haha
          The language I am currently focusing on is Traditional Chinese and wanted to go to Taiwan last year but, same as your plans, Corona rudely cancelled them.

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          potato1004to reply use @potato1004
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            Hey! I actually went to South Korea on the TOPIK programme after my second year at uni and was placed in Jeju
            It was such a good experience, i would 100% recommend it! I had studied Korean before going and it made it soooo much easier to make friends there 😊 so i wouldn’t wait until you get there to start lol nowadays there’s loads of websites and resources to learn the language, and you can join HelloTalk to talk to native Korean speakers as well

            Best of luck getting there, I’m sure you’ll have a geg

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            potato1004to reply use @potato1004
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              Sorry i meant the *TaLK programme

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              Precious Okonkwoto reply use @precious_okonkwo
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                Hey I’m a new member to and I legit love Korean dramas and Kpop. My dream is to also go there for a nice holiday hopefully. I’d like to get know a few of yous. It’s really hard to find people who like Korean dramas and stuff.

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