Posted 4th November 2021

Not many people talking in here. I'm new, quite isolated and just lost a friend, can't get to the funeral. How's life for everyone?

  1. AnnaH says:
    @annah The pandemic has been a major disruption to people’s social lives, I guess the worst thing is moving to a new place and not being able to meet people as a result.
  2. @annah the pandemic was so bad for mental health that I don’t even know how to answer that question. Hope you’re alright Annah.
  3. John Mcglynn says:
    I lost my Mum in January 8th, she was my best friend and my Hero. My Mum had cancer but couldn’t get treatment because of covid restrictions. My Mum was 75 with covid her mind went, she had to get a double mesectomy. Unfortunately my Mum took her own life. I was my Mum’s carer. The loneliness is the worst thing. It’s not easy to meet new people who can inhance your life and for you to do the same for them
  4. John Mcglynn says:
    Look at Ana they have some great groups
  5. AnnaH says:
    @john_mcglynn meetup looks amazing, John, thanks. Sorry to hear about your mum, that sounds really tough, losing your mum that way. I’m sorry.