Posted 10th March 2021

Hi all, thanks for reading it. I'm Asif. Living experience of Dublin is 11 years. Studied here in Accounting and Finance. Working in retail. I'm here to chat, meet and make friends for life. " Life is school everyday" so learning every moment. I like the people who has very good manner, manner is the art of representing kindness and love. To me, "Kindness is the virus of gentle spirit " and "love is the virus of feeling happiness". So be kind and love others. Both comes with good manners. Thats why good manner is important to me. Kindness and love combinely creates respects. Once you show respect to others, you start getting respect in returns. Because you deserve it. Anyone has intention to meet in near future at suitable time, I'm interested to chat and start getting know the person. Need real life friends not just virtual. One last thing, not being rude but with politeness as I believe, " honesty is the best policy", and so just being bold with honesty I would like to say the truth is, I'm interested in womens only because I have enough good friends in real life like me. So just need the other one. Have a good day. Thanks a million. Appreciate your valuable time to read it completely. Looking forward to hear from you.

  1. Avatar photo Louanne says:
    Welcome to BFFinder 🙂
  2. Dublin says:
    Hey Louanne thanks ?