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Posted 25th February 2021 by

Hey everyone, I'm Vili and I'm new here, used to live in West Cork but now I live in Cork. I hope to find some new friends here. Hope to find friends to have a chat with, go for a walk and grab dinner after the lockdown

    Alison Aghedosa Abu : Hi, my name is Alison, need in Ireland, live in Limerick.
Posted 25th February 2021 by

Hello I'm PeeJay.. Recently joined.. Hope it'll be beneficial.. I moved to portlaoise less than a week ago.. I just hope I can find someone to chat.. Eat and have fun with.. Lol.. Perhaps my age.. Early twenties

Posted 23rd February 2021 by

Hey, I am Syrian moved to Dublin and hoping to meet new people. I live in Dublin 4, it would be nice to have a walk and a nice chat with someone during this horrible lockdown. Cheers!

Posted 22nd February 2021 by

Hello, would like to get some hel from someone in Limerick placing a flower order for someone special to me who's living now there

Posted 21st February 2021 by

Hey, just joined, hoping this may prove to be a good way meet new people during this lockdown. Would love to meet people a similiar age (20's to early 30's). Am based in Dublin West. Pls pm if wud like to know more :),

Posted 16th February 2021 by

Hi all. So glad to have midterm. I have time off from school work at home. How ye all getting on

Posted 16th February 2021 by

Hi Everyone 👋 hope you are all enjoying some pancakes! I just joined and looking to meet new people & make some new friends(",)

Posted 16th February 2021 by

Morning, off to make some pancakes for the kids, we're a bacon and maple syrup family. What do you usually have?

Posted 11th February 2021 by

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing good during COVID lockdown, looking to meet new people and make new friends :-)

Posted 8th February 2021 by

Like hear from over 50s

    Karo : Hey