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  • Tina updated their bio at 12:52 - 18th May 2024


    Work in Healthcare and Rehab, have a family, love animals, music, nature, separated, looking to make new friends

  • Nuala updated their bio at 4:18 - 17th May 2024


    Interested in walks and/or practice golf/pitch and putt Rathfarnham/rathmines area particularly on Thursdays and/or Fridays....

  • Francis updated their bio at 7:52 - 16th May 2024


    I'm Francis. I'm shy at first, but good fun when I get comfortable round someone. I live in the countryside and a lot of my friends have moved away, so I'd like to get out, meet people and mix things up a bit

  • John updated their bio at 16:12 - 14th May 2024


    I'm selling all my worldly possessions and moving back to Ireland in Spring 2025 with my American wife, Pat. Our current thinking is that we'll settle in Ennis, but we're open to possibilities.

    Pat's a photographer. I have a theatre background (acting and directing) though I just retired from my day job as a software engineer at a giant multi-national tech company. I've also done a bit of standup comedy — the hardest part is writing new material!

    Back when I used to work (I know, right) I was part of a "listener" program. People would come to me to talk about their problems or challenges or whatever 1-1 in a confidential, safe and supportive environment. I'm not a licensed therapist but I was trained in how to provide support (NOT advice!!) and just be there. That's a long way of saying I am a good listener.

    Pat and I both love visual arts, theatre, music. I'm into trad music too. And hiking! Oh yes, hiking. We'd both love to meet new people. Low pressure, casual. We're both low maintenance and easy going.

  • Lindsey updated their bio at 13:24 - 14th May 2024


    Hi I am Lindsey. I am a mother to three adult children, an artist and separated from my husband 15 months. I have many friends internationally but very few In Ireland. I miss having close friends around to laugh and share with. I'm hoping to meet new people as I traverse this isolated new chapter in my life.

  • Ольга updated their bio at 1:24 - 14th May 2024


    Hello everyone! I'm from Kyiv (Ukraine) but I'm l residing in Warsaw now. Inspired by wonderful culture and history of Ireland that looks very similar to my homeland. I've got 2 children (18 and 8) and working for the company with heaquarters in Dublin. I would like to wish everyone peace and harmony in his/her life! ❤

  • Jonathan Hanlon updated their bio at 21:54 - 13th May 2024


    I enjoy life and nature, Interests include Photography. Space and the universe. Cooking,

  • Will updated their bio at 17:15 - 13th May 2024


    I’m a nerdy guy, love table top games. Not much of a ‘going out’ type but been trying to change that a bit. I seem to acquire and maintain the most random info. Love dad jokes and one-liners. Not too picky.

  • Amy updated their bio at 19:13 - 12th May 2024


    International student looking to meet new people and learn more about the city from locals!

  • Juan Miguel updated their bio at 14:26 - 12th May 2024


    Hello! I live in Spain, but I am very interested in Irish culture. I would like to know irish ( or not) people to exchange languages,experiences...

  • Martin updated their bio at 1:25 - 10th May 2024


    Hello, im a middle aged Married man, i like to travel all over ireland, i ilke mountain hiking, cycling, swiming, i spend a good bit of time going to gaa games in croke park and concerts in 3 arena. I am married with children, i am not looking for love but just someone with similar interests, for a bit of company on my adventures.

  • Angelica updated their bio at 9:34 - 9th May 2024


    Hi Im Swedish and currently live in sweden since 2008. I lived in Bournemouth UK a couple of years before that. I am currrently looking for work in Ireland/Dublin and surrounding to be able to move over hopefully within a year for a time. I have a fiance and one child age 6 and Im looking to make some female friends in the Dublin area. I have one Swedish shoolfriend in Cork and a native Irish friend outside Dublin but would like to meet new friends in Dublin.

  • Kate updated their bio at 4:49 - 9th May 2024


    Hi! My name is Kate and I came here to make some friends (: I'm very talkative and out-going person, enjoy discussing different kind of things and always open for conversation

  • Shauna updated their bio at 13:26 - 7th May 2024


    Hi, I’m quite chatty, I like good conversations and a good laugh. A few points - deep conversation - SC/FI movies - TV shows - Road trips - Reading - talking about books - fantasy - history - Gothic art - Gothic historical sites - Holistic studies Thanks for reading and have a great day. ☺️

  • Ciaran updated their bio at 11:38 - 6th May 2024


    Think like half the planet covid has left mark on me. Looking to just meet new people, chat, exhange ideas, who knows maybe even have the odd headed intellectual debate. Im 42, a Taurus, (dont hold it against me), easy going 99% of the time, but like us all have the occasional moment of madness

  • Cathal updated their bio at 11:27 - 5th May 2024


    Looking for people to go on nights out.

  • Charlotte updated their bio at 12:06 - 4th May 2024


    I was born in the U.K., grew up in New Zealand, just lived in the U.K. (predominantly South Wales) for the last 17 years and am now in Ireland.

  • Roisin Singh updated their bio at 2:39 - 30th Apr 2024


    Looking for some friends ☺️

  • Vincenzo updated their bio at 8:37 - 29th Apr 2024


    I'm in Dublin to improve my english, open my mind and have a lot of fun.

  • Amanda updated their bio at 8:16 - 28th Apr 2024


    I'm Amanda, I live in the U.S. I've been to Ireland and explored it as a group tour and would love to go back. I do a lot of traveling State side but Ireland keeps calling me. Thought I'd try and make some friends

  • Ujjwal updated their bio at 2:42 - 28th Apr 2024


    Looking for a bff

  • Carolyn updated their bio at 16:11 - 27th Apr 2024


    Hey I am Carolyn from Peru looking forward to meet people to share adventures

  • Judit updated their bio at 22:30 - 24th Apr 2024


    38 woman Mother of 2 boys music lover food lover plant lover 😄 cinema lover

  • Courtney updated their bio at 12:49 - 23rd Apr 2024


    Hey! My name is Courtney and I’m 21 from New Zealand and I’m planning to move to Ireland and would love to meet people 😅

  • Lorraine updated their bio at 11:39 - 21st Apr 2024


    Hi Mum of two looking who enjoys reading walking yoga looking for friends with same interests x

  • Sha updated their bio at 0:43 - 9th Apr 2024


    Friends interested in spirituality, like talking about universal energy, meditation, positivity , law of attraction and nature lover. Go for a coffee/tea date , for a walk, shopping etc.

  • Kakashi updated their bio at 23:55 - 8th Apr 2024


    Hii i am kakashi but this is not my real name i want bff

  • Ellie updated their bio at 17:28 - 6th Apr 2024


    Recently relocated back to Ireland for family reasons ..I’ve lived abroad .for over 30 years ...UK mostly but also Australia and America. I’m now back ‘home’ and finding it really hard to settle , make new friends and build a new life for myself here. I’m a nurse by profession and am fairly sociable and chatty. Really enjoy music, going to gigs and festivals but sadly no pals to accompany me.. Also enjoy nights at the theatre and going to shows….dinner drinks and just hanging out for a coffee and chat . I’m a lone parent and my daughter is happily ensconced at Uni and just finishing her 1st year..we have a great relationship and have similar interests so we do a lot together but she has her own life and I need mine too so I decided to join this app and hopefully get to meet some other fun people to do things with and maybe make some fab new friendships to 😁

  • oma updated their bio at 14:45 - 6th Apr 2024


    ☬ Heart of a warrior ੴ ਹਮ ਨਹੀ ਚੰਗੇ ਬੁਰਾ ਨਹੀ ਕੋਇ

  • John updated their bio at 16:58 - 5th Apr 2024


    Hi, I’m John, pleased to meet you! Just moved to Ireland from London & looking to make some friends. Looking for good, easy going people who like to laugh but who are also solid & dependable. Me? Spent most of my life in various entertainment industry jobs as well as an extensive background in support work. I’m a Buddhist, an INFJ, a Demisexual &, hopefully, a good person. Let’s talk & we can go into things in more detail! Peace ✌️

  • Sheree updated their bio at 11:51 - 5th Apr 2024


    I'm quiet a shy person at first who finds it hard to make friends on a day to day basis 🙈🫶 but once you get to know me I'm a jolly outgoing girl❤️ and I'm a mommy of 2 and I would love to get to know other mom's!

  • Trend updated their bio at 7:05 - 2nd Apr 2024


    An entrepreneur and hustler

  • Emily updated their bio at 16:14 - 1st Apr 2024


    I’m a busy bee with work 🐝 but I’m always looking for friends to text and to meet up! 😊

  • Lynnette Roe updated their bio at 9:07 - 29th Mar 2024


    I am a solopreneur, working from home. It would be great to meet people interested in business, gardening, home improvement and art and crafters.

  • Maïna updated their bio at 10:21 - 19th Mar 2024


    coming to Cork in April - looking to meet some new friends !

  • Brigitta updated their bio at 9:08 - 18th Mar 2024


    Hi, I'm Brigitta. Born and raised in Hungary but have been living in Ireland for 20 years. I'm married, have 3 kids age 12, 15 and 16. I work for a charity. I love music, nature and travelling.

  • Jennifer updated their bio at 10:45 - 17th Mar 2024


    Looking to make friends with similar interests in the area! 😊

  • Laura updated their bio at 12:39 - 16th Mar 2024


    Quite introverted in person, so find it difficult to get chatting to people and making friends, I do become less introverted in person but it does take time!

  • Ravishankar updated their bio at 6:13 - 14th Mar 2024


    A single dad, widowed since last 8 months. Just looking to get some new friends here

  • Molly Rose Mc Elligott updated their bio at 4:50 - 12th Mar 2024


    I'm 21 from Kerry , looking to make friends. Travel to Dublin a lot and would love to meet people up there

  • Phyllipe updated their bio at 1:27 - 11th Mar 2024



  • John updated their bio at 17:13 - 6th Mar 2024


    hi. i am visiting donegal town and am looking for a friend to perhaps show me around, thank you

  • Emma Reilly updated their bio at 10:17 - 3rd Mar 2024


    I’m a 32 year old mammy of two little boys I love anything creative….music, art, body paint, I recently trained in kids face paint and I love it ❤️

  • Roisin updated their bio at 1:13 - 3rd Mar 2024


    Hey I’m living in Tralee and would like to make friends do hang out and chat :)

  • Alessia updated their bio at 16:14 - 29th Feb 2024


    Hello everyone, I'm Alessia and I'm 24 years old. I just moved to cork and I work as a cabin crew. I would like to meet new people, make friends,enrich my cultural knowledge and improve my languages skills. If you are also looking for new friends and want a cultural exchange, feel free to contact me. 😁

  • Ian Apamo updated their bio at 15:40 - 29th Feb 2024


    Nothing new except location

  • Cathriona updated their bio at 6:22 - 17th Feb 2024


    Hi everyone , My name is Cathriona 😀

  • Michael updated their bio at 10:03 - 16th Feb 2024


    Living an alternative lifestyle, homesteading and enjoying synchronicity of abundance in our lives. We are conscious travelers on the journey to higher spiritual awareness. We would like to get to know others, of any age, who also feel the increasing alone-ness of not fitting in to the evolving "new society" and who dream of finding friendship and kinship without controlling agendas.

  • Francis updated their bio at 23:37 - 12th Feb 2024


    40 years, Ugandan male, christian seeking to make friends of christian faith and even visit ireland.Electrician, farmer and Bible teacher.I love swimming, music, reading and watching movies of true life.

  • Priyanka updated their bio at 21:21 - 10th Feb 2024


    Cool and Social Guy

  • S. updated their bio at 4:51 - 9th Feb 2024


    Hi, I'm female, 20 years old and looking for internet friends. I've been having a hard time keeping friendships irl so I'm hoping to meet kind and interesting people on here. <3

  • Ashley updated their bio at 2:49 - 4th Feb 2024


    I'm the type of person who is not afraid to stand out of the crowd and be my crazy self. I love to travel as much as I can and would love to make some travel buddies! I love going to gigs and concerts and trying new things. I am big into the art of tattoos and consider myself a tattoo enthusiast. Would love to meet people with similar interests.

  • A updated their bio at 1:56 - 4th Feb 2024



  • Jack updated their bio at 10:24 - 1st Feb 2024


    Just seeing how things go sure

  • Cathy updated their bio at 12:40 - 29th Jan 2024


    Hi I’m Cathy , I love animals and enjoy the outdoors looking to find new friends. I’m 24

  • Immaculate updated their bio at 3:11 - 29th Jan 2024



  • Hardus updated their bio at 7:41 - 26th Jan 2024


    South African, living in Ireland. 🇮🇪🇿🇦🏳️‍🌈

  • Becky updated their bio at 12:56 - 25th Jan 2024


    Semi Retired Special Events Florist, Pet portrait artist, I am a planner, I am loyal friend and I love deeply. I expect to be Cared about and Cherished, as this is what I give back. I love travel especially Ireland. Looking for a partner to share the rest of my journey. Must Love Animals, children , I have grandkids, and be social in a crowd. Wanna find your Joy? Come on let’s do this.

  • Grace updated their bio at 11:34 - 19th Jan 2024


    I am a Ugandan lady, psychologist by training and a mother of 3 boys. I love helping people and meeting new people. Cheers

  • Rosie updated their bio at 17:33 - 15th Jan 2024


    I’m looking for gal and guy friends I’m 17 18 in October love the gym going for coffees drinks what ever

  • Aoife updated their bio at 1:58 - 15th Jan 2024


    I'm a devout Catholic. I'm also Autistic and really interested in things like Disney, Sonic The Hedgehog, animation, etc... I'm female and 23 years old

  • Donnel updated their bio at 20:16 - 13th Jan 2024


    My skype @Donnel19. I will respond right away.

  • Olimpia updated their bio at 10:00 - 13th Jan 2024


    Hi! I have been living in Ireland for almost two years, so all my friends already left or are leaving soon so I will like to know more people. I like trips, do exersise and discover new places.

  • Joshua updated their bio at 2:28 - 13th Jan 2024


    Hello, I am new here. My name is Joshua. I am not from Ireland, but I am going to Ireland. My interests are hiking, biking, and water activities. I am very respectful and have a lot of fun and happiness to share!

  • Charlie updated their bio at 15:36 - 11th Jan 2024


    Hi. I’m a mama of 4 and am just looking for someone to chat with. Don’t have much of a social life and would love to make some new friends.

  • Ana updated their bio at 22:30 - 8th Jan 2024


    I'm Ana, I'm from Brazil and I graduated as a veterinarian, I moved to Limerick in December 2023, but my boyfriend has already lived here for 2 years. I really like activities in nature, like hiking and hiking, but I also like parties and go out to drink . I want to make new friends and improve my English.

  • Shady updated their bio at 15:01 - 8th Jan 2024


    Postgrad student who's been in Ireland, Galway , for 4 months looking to make friends

  • Carla updated their bio at 22:09 - 6th Jan 2024


    Hi, here to start friendship, coffee dates , going out etc..

  • Chamu updated their bio at 16:04 - 6th Jan 2024


    Get to know Me first

  • Teresa updated their bio at 6:14 - 6th Jan 2024


    Hi, I'm Teresa I'm 53 and currently working as an office worker. I have 3 kids and a loving husband. I enjoy TV and movies. I'm interested in music, languages, cinema, and books.

  • updated their bio at 13:46 - 31st Dec 2023


    Hi, my name is Brian. I work in the public sector. I hold a degree in Business & Law, and I am currently studying psychology. My interests are quite varied - I love to volunteer in my spare time. I absolutely love films. I also enjoy reading, psychology, philosophy, astronomy and music. Looking to talk to people from the Midlands. Feel free to ask me anything.

  • Daniel updated their bio at 0:29 - 31st Dec 2023


    Just looking for a few real friends I'm have ADHD n Autism and I'm visually impaired and I don't have much real friends so I decided to join the app but also I'm 16

  • Sinead updated their bio at 14:58 - 30th Dec 2023


    I'm looking to make new friends in my area.

  • Sarah updated their bio at 8:58 - 27th Dec 2023


    Working mother of two. Non drinker and non smoker . I'd consider myself a very bubbly person once I get to know someone but I'm also quite a content person in general. I'm just looking to make a social connection e.g see a play once in a while, meet up for brunch on a weekend etc. I'm usually busy with kids during the week so weekends are preferable for any possible meetups.. Anyone around Limerick/Tipperary region feel free to reach out.

  • Marie updated their bio at 13:12 - 26th Dec 2023



  • Precious updated their bio at 14:10 - 24th Dec 2023


    Looking for some friends

  • Misha updated their bio at 10:10 - 23rd Dec 2023


    Hi I'm 44 female interested in making new online friends with similar interests. Recently discovered I have Adhd. My interests include psychology, philosophy, movies, books, music, keeping fit, traveling. I'm a deep thinker and enjoy good conversation. I'm very down to earth and have a quirky sense of humour.

  • Melanie updated their bio at 11:27 - 4th Dec 2023


    Hello! I'm 40 years old and am currently looking to expand my social circle. Would love to meet people for shared activities.

  • Nikki updated their bio at 15:02 - 1st Dec 2023


    Hi I’m Nikki I just moved to Dublin for school this September! I really want to meet more people in and out of college :)

  • Barbie updated their bio at 11:56 - 30th Nov 2023


    I am from the middle east and also from india. I have been studying here in cork in a uni since 3 months now. I am just looking for some friends as I am very new in this country :)

  • Niko updated their bio at 17:02 - 23rd Nov 2023


    I'm wanting boyfriend UK time zone?

  • Ryeker updated their bio at 8:01 - 22nd Nov 2023


    I live in Co Galway and am in my 20s. I enjoy having a laugh and am interested in the usual stuff: movies, music, walking and you can guess the rest. I would like to get to know people through chatting here and maybe meet up later on. I dont take things too seriously and am happy most of the time.

  • Leigh updated their bio at 16:17 - 21st Nov 2023


    Hi guys, I love meeting new people and just discovered this app. I’m 24 and live in Cork. I enjoy socializing, traveling, keeping fit and healthy, and going out for coffee/drinks/shopping/cinema etc... Message me if you’re interested in meeting up sometime. x

  • Robbie updated their bio at 1:54 - 19th Nov 2023


    Hi All ive been in Ireland for 15 years and finally have the chance to meet new friends to grab a drink chat hang out with i love the gym just need to get back into it would love to meet new people who are interested in keeping in touch not saying the will then never hear from again genuine man looking for connections.

  • Amy updated their bio at 14:28 - 9th Nov 2023


    Hey, recently moved back to dublin from London after 20 years, I’m hoping to be able to meet some new like minded friends- I love walks, coffee, bars, food, anything really! Is there anymore apps I should be on, would love to know?! 😁

  • Pradeep updated their bio at 5:15 - 26th Oct 2023


    Hi I'm Pradeep. I'm an Indian currently working in Ireland. I'm looking to meet new people and make friends. I'm an Introvert but I like making friends and having pleasant conversations and that's why I'm here 🙂

  • omer updated their bio at 3:19 - 26th Oct 2023


    I recently moved to Ireland for a research based job. It is getting very challenging to connect to people and have real conversations. I am here to connect, share ideas and a laugh and learn a bit more about the country and the culture.

  • Corne updated their bio at 17:33 - 7th Oct 2023


    Being introverted and domesticated, I tend to be a bit of a house hen. Loving my pups and just chatting to others with similar interests will be great.

  • Julia updated their bio at 18:02 - 28th Sep 2023


    Moving to Ireland in December this year, and already looking for friends. I am quite talkative and curious, and for some people, extremely straightforward. I believe in kindness above all, and I do my best to always be fair, but at the same time, I have zero patience for BS and will not engage in toxic relationships. But I am cute and sweet most of the time, I promise.

  • Jacqueline updated their bio at 3:31 - 20th Sep 2023


    I'm Jacqueline 39years female living in Uganda east Africa. am a nurse.

  • Juanda updated their bio at 13:56 - 9th Sep 2023


    I moved to Ireland two and a half years ago and am just looking for friendship from females only. I am originally from the United States and lived in London for 13 yrs prior to moving here. I am happily married and am just interested in chatting or meeting for lunch or coffee.

  • Bruce updated their bio at 22:52 - 7th Sep 2023


    I am 60 yo raised in the U.S. and currently living in Spain. Although originally having lived in large cities, I have always been in love with nature and all things real and natural and thus made a culture shift over 10 years ago and have been living in the the countryside off land trying to do this better and more thoroughly using natural principles found in genuine science, and permaculture. I have found it difficult to culturally integrate here (with the rather superficial individualistic pretentious attitude of most of the Spanish I have met here for the past 6 years even in the countryside, defying trust and good will to build upon) and am seriously considering moving to Ireland soon for a more fulfilling cultural experience and impact. I hope to find people with common interests to develop genuine friendships and engage in mutual exchange of life knowledge, experience, etc. My interests include natural moral philosophy, rational critical thinking, dialectic learning and education, self-examination and learning from history so not to repeat it, sciences, permaculture, cultural practices including irish folk music and classical music, practical rational or natural spirituality, diy self-sufficiency, community living with mutual aid and exchange / cooperation in the countryside,, nature / all things real and natural, appropriate low-tech non-destructive technologies., herbal medicine, animal husbandry.

  • Jacqueline updated their bio at 4:08 - 3rd Sep 2023


    Hi I’m 49 years young would like to make new friends from Ireland. I have 2 grown up children so I have time to travel now. I live in Scotland.

  • H updated their bio at 17:09 - 2nd Sep 2023


    Looking for a friend In Ireland CORK ages: 13-15 X not a chav not a nerd x

  • Siobhan updated their bio at 6:24 - 19th Aug 2023


    I am an Art teacher and Assistant Principal in a post primary school in Dublin. I love socialising and adventure. Would love to make new friends to have fun with. I have three wonderful children who are grown up now and a cute little dog called Millie. Looking for new friendships.

  • Matt updated their bio at 3:47 - 12th Aug 2023


    Artist, musician, tech/it Weird, quirky, deep, happy in myself.

  • Carla updated their bio at 15:35 - 10th Aug 2023


    Just looking to make new friends

  • Debbie updated their bio at 3:09 - 8th Aug 2023


    I'm a mum if 4, 3 of them adults. I enjoy been active and spending time with my family. I enjoy going out for coffee and having a chat with friends. Also love spending time with my 3 dogs. Looking to make friends on and offline with similar interests

  • Mike updated their bio at 12:22 - 7th Aug 2023


    In the area for a while would like to meet new people. Open to about anything and am very interested in seeing the area. Ireland is a great place to grab a beer; so let’s do it!

  • Jackie updated their bio at 11:34 - 7th Aug 2023


    Love Ireland. Looking for new friends.

  • Maria updated their bio at 7:31 - 30th Jul 2023


    I recently moved from the UK to live in Roscommon and I’m working in Sligo. Looking to meet new friends in these areas.

  • Kaitlyn updated their bio at 3:27 - 29th Jul 2023


    Alt chick that loves tattoos, addicted to MARVEL, I got a Ps5, love gaming and spookys. I have a fiancé and a cat! My favorite color is candy pink and I am a snack addict! No nudes and no grossness. Just lookin friends and gaming buddies!

  • Pashu updated their bio at 10:43 - 23rd Jul 2023


    Hi! I am a designer and looking to make new friends of all ages and culture to hang out for crafty stuff, visit museums, galleries, go for walk or gigs. I also love to dance and am always the best one in clubs so would be happy to connect with people who love dancing.

  • myself updated their bio at 15:36 - 21st Jul 2023


    Hi female here, sorry about the name, I just like to keep private. I just looking to make some good friends as my close ones have moved away, tired of being alone, would love to play games online so we could connect, don't feel shy like message if you want lol.

  • Pedro updated their bio at 6:49 - 20th Jul 2023


    Brazilian Easygoing Married Looking to meet nice people to talk over a glass of wine. Maybe get a friend out of it!

  • Johanna updated their bio at 12:14 - 19th Jul 2023


    I’m Johanna, I’m a biologist, I’m a mother of four young children and we live on a homestead in the west of Ireland.

  • Mandy updated their bio at 14:14 - 14th Jul 2023


    Hi, I’m Mandy and I just recently moved back to Dublin. :) Most of my friends don’t live here anymore and I find weirdly hard to make new friends. 🥲 I’m really open minded, like to be outside and just hang around with people I feel comfortable around. :) Sometimes I struggle with my mental health, so it seems too difficult to meet new people or to be around people too often, but I really want to make friends, I’m starting to feel lonely. 🥲🙃

  • Lindsey updated their bio at 13:41 - 10th Jul 2023


    I am an artist living near Ennis looking to make friends and hang out with new people. I love to learn about new things and socialise with people of all ages and backgrounds. Post pandemic I struggle in large groups and I often feel isolated.

  • Chelsea updated their bio at 14:19 - 8th Jul 2023


    American marrying a Longford man and moving over soon. Would love to meet artsy, nerdy, outdoorsy friends. I'm interested in writing, trad music, birdwatching, nature walks, photography, cats, bees, gardening, old man pubs, and a few pints. Vegetarian. Hoping to learn a lot more about the local flora and fauna.

  • Mia updated their bio at 16:18 - 7th Jul 2023


    I’m Mia! I love anime, I’m a YouTuber and I am looking for a new best friend! ❤️

  • David updated their bio at 10:41 - 25th Jun 2023


    BrainyQuote Background Previous Quote Adam Sandler Quotes Background Next Quote My father wasn't perfect. He had a temper. I took some of that. He would snap, but the older he got, he started calming down. He learned about life, but the thing that he taught my whole family was that family was the most important thing and, no matter what, if a family member needs you, you go and help them out; you get there.

  • Amiya updated their bio at 3:59 - 21st Jun 2023


    Pandemic has turned me into an introvert. Recently relocated to carlow . Tryingto get out of my pod and looking forward to meeting new people

  • Jawad updated their bio at 3:33 - 21st Jun 2023


    Hi, I am new in Ireland age 36, doing job in project management company. After office or on weekends looking for some friends to have some good coffee specially when the weather is pleasent. May be some time long walk, just to spend good time in good company and to know about things in general.

  • Nancy updated their bio at 6:32 - 19th Jun 2023


    My name is Nancy from Nigeria, I am 34 years, logistics Expert. Looking at coming to Ireland by December 2023 looking for friends online to tell me more about Ireland and how to cope in the country. I am open to friendship 💯💯

  • Jessica updated their bio at 10:52 - 16th Jun 2023


    I'm from Mexico city, I'm 45 years old, I'm an English teacher currently working and living in Vietnam, I enjoy nature and riding my bike.

  • Emily updated their bio at 12:29 - 6th Jun 2023


    29 years old just moved to Kilkenny!

  • Tristan updated their bio at 4:37 - 3rd Jun 2023


    hi my name is Tristan and I am 21 years old and from cork. I am looking to meet new people and make new friends. :)

  • Samuel updated their bio at 3:38 - 3rd Jun 2023


    Iam a humble Man Iove trying out new things to learn and I really love sharing business ideas

  • Stephanie updated their bio at 15:38 - 1st Jun 2023


    I'm 31 years old, married, mum of a 2 year old boy, recently moved to Athlone. Since I'm new in town, I'm looking for new friends here (not necessarily moms) for hang out with, coffee, walks, picnic, night out, maybe for some new hobby like volleyball, painting, drawing, photography, etc. Feel free to message me

  • Pat updated their bio at 12:52 - 28th May 2023


    Im semi retired and thinking of going back to work I am so bored, despite lots of passtimes / hobbies, including crafting and photo enhancement.

  • Raz updated their bio at 12:28 - 28th May 2023


    I'm a male professional from Ghana, currently working in London as Housing and Finance Line Manager. I find joy in helping people find homes and manage their finances, positively impacting their lives. I love traveling to expand my horizons and connect with diverse cultures. I'm looking for a like-minded female friend in Ireland who shares my love for exploration, adventure, and storytelling through movies. Let's embark on this friendship journey and discover the wonders of life together.

  • Dylan updated their bio at 10:01 - 27th May 2023


    I’ve been in Dublin for 1 year and due to work I couldn’t make friends yet. My social life just consist on my boyfriend, I need friends. I like photography and going out to parks, mountain, beach… I also like go to bars and drink some beers 🤭

  • Mariosa updated their bio at 1:44 - 24th May 2023


    Hey! New to Nenagh and looking to meet like minded people. I enjoy going for walks, coffee, cinema, all the normal fun things! Get in touch x

  • Mick updated their bio at 1:31 - 19th May 2023


    I am a passionate and experienced designer based in Dublin, Ireland, with over five years of industry experience. I have honed my skills through practical work even before obtaining my degree. I believe that my journey as a designer has been shaped not only by my education but also by the invaluable experiences I have gained throughout my career. I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to apply my creative thinking and innovative design skills. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of user-centered design principles, I strive to create visually compelling and functional designs that captivate audiences and exceed expectations. Design Skills: Design is not just a profession for me; it is a way of life. I approach every project with a sense of enthusiasm and dedication, pushing boundaries to create exceptional designs. With a strong foundation in design principles and techniques, I have honed my skills across various disciplines, including graphic design, web design, and user experience (UX) design. My design process begins with thorough research and analysis, allowing me to gain a deep understanding of the project requirements and target audience. I then leverage my expertise in user-centered design to craft visually appealing and intuitive interfaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. By combining my creativity with user insights, I ensure that the designs I create not only look visually stunning but also deliver an exceptional user experience. Having worked on numerous projects, I have developed a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of typography, color theory, and composition. I am proficient in industry-standard design software and tools, enabling me to effectively bring my ideas to life. Additionally, my strong communication and collaboration skills allow me to work seamlessly with cross-functional teams, including developers and marketers, to ensure cohesive and impactful design solutions. Putting my profile on this platform provides me with an opportunity to connect with potential customers who value creative excellence and seek innovative design solutions. I am excited to embark on new projects and contribute my skills to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape. You can contact me on the sites where I have a profile: Behance, DoYouBuzz, Contently - I will be happy to make new contacts and acquaintances. I may want to take on a new project. Get in touch! If you are looking for a talented and dedicated designer to bring your ideas to life, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Let's collaborate and create something remarkable together.

  • Emily updated their bio at 17:00 - 16th May 2023


    Hi! I’m 26 years old and I’ve just moved to Ireland, with my boyfriend, from Spain. I’m here to make new friends and to be able to improve my english skills.

  • Alessandro updated their bio at 2:52 - 14th May 2023


    I am m half brazilian and half Italian living in Japan at the moment, but will be moving to Ireland in a year, so I want to make friends and meet people to talk to.

  • George updated their bio at 6:22 - 7th May 2023


    Looking to make friends in Northern Ireland/Ireland and go on adventures :)

  • Cassandra updated their bio at 11:32 - 29th Apr 2023


    45 .. Good Sense of Humour, appreciate that in others .. life wisdom as opposed to .. school learned. Looking for potential friends, that are easy going and looking for the same things. Open to friendships between 30ish(mids) to Late 40's.

  • Adrian updated their bio at 12:52 - 17th Apr 2023


    Hi!! I want to travel to Ireland next year 2024 and I am looking for new friends to meet up when I live there. I am an optimistic boy and I love hang out with friends. I don't care the plan, go for a walk, go to the cinema, play a video game, drink in the pub... Just, have a good time and enjoy

  • Barbara updated their bio at 11:47 - 17th Apr 2023


    Career focused. International Studies degree. Can speak 5 language. Love walking, movies, reading, theatre...

  • Pete updated their bio at 5:48 - 14th Apr 2023


    Not sure about the word but I might be a multipotentialite! I am a lifelong vegetarian, aspiring vegan, love walking and being outside generally, reading (Guardian!), music, theatre, discussion, carpentry and design, philosophy, yoga, learning the piano (not v. good), studying French (love France) and Arabic. Love travel but trying not to fly, have lived in several countries and keen to see more (by land!).

  • miguel angel updated their bio at 1:13 - 11th Apr 2023


    Soy Administrativo Titulado. Imparto Clases de contabilidad General, Contabilidad de Costes, Análisis Financieros de Empresas. Mis IInformes Son : Soy Titulado en Administración. Llevo Formando a Empresas y A Muchas Personas Durante 14 Años. Enseñanza Garantizada. Interesados Escríbanme,

  • Kaweireku updated their bio at 19:13 - 7th Apr 2023


    Just moved into Ireland, Dublin and loving it here, looking forward to making out some new friends.

  • Esther updated their bio at 0:25 - 6th Apr 2023


    Hey everyone! I never know what to write here lol but I thought it would be lovely to meet some lovely people on this platform as I've heard good things! I'm an open book... love discussing music, nature, faith, football and pretty much everything else! Lol Looking forward to meeting ya :)

  • Lisa updated their bio at 20:15 - 1st Apr 2023


    G’day, My name is Lisa Donaghy and I live in Queensland Australia. I’m looking to make friends in Ireland Co Antrim. My great grandfather Arthur Donaghy was born in April 1864 in Carrickfergus and one day I’d like to go there to see my heritage and meet the fine people there.

  • David updated their bio at 10:12 - 1st Apr 2023


    Hi, I’m a regular guy early forties, most of my friends settled down and don’t go out much, looking to meet new people for friendship and socialising etc. I like music, sports eg golf, football, running.

  • Jordan updated their bio at 3:40 - 20th Mar 2023


    Hi, i'm Jordan i'm Irish, from Dublin. There seems to be very little people here, lmao.. but i'll give it a gander. I'm extremely easy going, so do not be shy to send a message. That's what we're all here for! I see a few people are looking for language practice too, so if you're looking to improve your English, message away too.

  • Diana updated their bio at 10:03 - 18th Mar 2023


    I’m coming to Ireland for relatively short period of time to have an internship in the hospital. I want to discover this place as much as I can and to see if I would want to move here in a couple of years. Of course, I want to meet new people even now and share some nice memories. It will be a pleasure to have a closer look at the Irish culture :)

  • Nicola updated their bio at 12:02 - 17th Mar 2023


    UK raised, living in Cork 17 yrs, 3 grown children, love books, coffee and interesting conversations.

  • Zoltán updated their bio at 3:24 - 14th Mar 2023


    As an introverted person, I find it hard to connect with people, especially if they speak a different language, so I thought I'd try this way of getting to know people.

  • Sonia updated their bio at 2:30 - 12th Mar 2023


    Hi, I’m in my late 40s and my daughter is now 17 so I have more free time to make friends. I relocated to Ireland in 2019 after a good few years abroad and feel it’s difficult to meet new people. I work full time and doing a BA part time in college.

  • Ashley updated their bio at 16:54 - 11th Mar 2023


    hello i have just moved to ireland and i am looking for an outdoors friend or two. i have a two seater kayak and an extra high vis vest. lets get to know each other here with the intention of wandering in nature together. i dont really drink so im having a hard time finding social activities

  • Deborah updated their bio at 15:54 - 11th Mar 2023


    Hi everyone, I'm Deborah. I'm a kind, easy going person who finds it hard to make friends as I'm an introvert so it can be challenging. Hoping to find similar people I could connect with and form lovely friendships. Give me a message, I'd be delighted to chat 🙂

  • Elise updated their bio at 16:27 - 6th Mar 2023


    Hi! I am a future french teaching assistant in Ireland, who wants to meet new people before I arrive so we could hangout! I am really outgoing so do not be shy and message me 😊

  • Merlin updated their bio at 14:01 - 5th Mar 2023


    Merlin, my pronouns are he/him. Live in Dublin. I am interested in math, data science, participation in hackathons. Like golden retrievers, ice skating tricks, scooters, F1, reading science pop and biographies, watching documentaries, series, playing wot blitz and collecting tank figurines First year bachelor student, not fullfilled by current program though I am looking for long-term irl friendship I am up to walk around the city, to play board (especially card!) games and basketball, to go rollerblading, to visit parks, bookshops, art galleries, ice rinks, pottery and karting together. If u like some team projects and competitions, I am up to participate with u too! 🤗 Psychological support & talks about daily life – my main conversation topics. I can support u in your hard times and praise u for efforts, victories. Hope u don't mind to do the same. And yep, usually I talk a lot and ask many questions, so be prepared

  • Eleonora updated their bio at 5:57 - 5th Mar 2023


    Hello! I'm Ele I just arrived in Drogheda and I'm trying to make new friends..

  • Leah updated their bio at 14:43 - 4th Mar 2023


    Just moved here looking to make friends. LGBT friendly 420 friendly

  • Max updated their bio at 13:41 - 26th Feb 2023


    Moved over during the pandemic to help start a community farming project, fell in love with the area and now live here...

  • Christopher updated their bio at 12:49 - 25th Feb 2023


    Hi everyone. I’m from India and I plan on relocating to Ireland for my higher education. I’d like to get in touch with the students studying in UCC(University College Cork) and NUIG(University of Galway) to understand about the real experiences from the campus and about the teaching quality. I’ve seen mixed reviews and I’d like to make sure which university is the best option by talking with the pass out students of the respective universities and would like to make some new friends too. My hobbies include: Reading, listening to music, walking, travelling and cooking. I’m pretty extroverted and easy going. Hope you guys help me and we can be good friends. Thank you. ❤️

  • Renée updated their bio at 12:12 - 22nd Feb 2023


    Looking at meeting new people, growing new friendships to love, laugh and enjoy each day. Going out, meals, exploring new adventures and have the craic.

  • john updated their bio at 13:07 - 20th Feb 2023


    it nice to make some new friends online

  • Bethwyn updated their bio at 3:59 - 17th Feb 2023


    Hi, I’m 19 and Australian, I moved here 6 months ago with my fiancé who’s Irish, and our dogs will be flying over next month. I’m close to rathcormac, fermoy area but I don’t go out too often. I love nature, going for bush walks or to nature reserves and wildlife parks, i paint and draw or play Minecraft in my spare time, but would like to meet people and start going out more, being more social. I can be really shy and awkward but once I’m comfortable I’m super goofy, loud and expressive. I’ve never had many friends and find it hard making friends, so I hope this site works. Check out my instagram if you want to see into my crazy life @1t5ya801 add or msg me if we could be friends 😊

  • Gloria updated their bio at 2:56 - 16th Feb 2023


    Hello! I have been in Dublin for nearly 4 years. I would love to make some friends. I am a professional woman who works in the tech industry. I like down to earth, open minded people, who like the outdoors and interesting in trying new things. I'd love to meet someone who likes to hike or meet up for dinner or a drink. I have two grown daughters, who live in the states. I love art, wine, music and sightseeing. I live in Wicklow but work in Dun Laoghaire. If you live close by and would like to chat, send me a note. Thanks for Reading, Gloria

  • Aine updated their bio at 13:51 - 8th Feb 2023


    I’m a kind, quiet girl just looking for for some girlfriends.

  • Conor updated their bio at 9:19 - 2nd Feb 2023


    Just looking to widen my friend group and meet new people

  • Benis updated their bio at 7:59 - 30th Jan 2023


    Am yady from Cameroon 26yrs old looking forward to make new friends in Ireland. I like outdoor activities, am an open minded person and hardworking too. Let's be friends ☺

  • Christine updated their bio at 5:17 - 21st Jan 2023


    Hi guys I'm joining this app as I moved to limerick to be with my girlfriend and I have only two friends and I was hoping to meet more.

  • Carli updated their bio at 1:57 - 20th Jan 2023


    24 Irish Gym Outgoing Adventurous Love to travel

  • Keith updated their bio at 8:42 - 19th Jan 2023


    Feel Free To Ask Me Anything I’m An Open Book ….

  • Christine updated their bio at 15:30 - 17th Jan 2023


    Single mammy, working from home, love music, books, walks, dogs and art.

  • Joseph updated their bio at 7:42 - 16th Jan 2023


    I love making friends all over the world i respect every culture. I play basketball, am a Dj a computer scientist and driving is my passion.

  • Gizem updated their bio at 14:42 - 14th Jan 2023


    Hey everyone, I would like to meet new people and spend time.

  • Margo updated their bio at 15:37 - 12th Jan 2023


    Hi there, I would love to meet new friends with whom we have similar out looks and interests. I like to think I am a positive person and I enjoy the simple blessing I have every day

  • Jessie updated their bio at 5:31 - 12th Jan 2023


    Just moved to Kilcock as an Au Pair staying till July.

  • Regina updated their bio at 15:05 - 7th Jan 2023


    Looking to make friends online and offline I enjoy walking, swimming, cinema, eating, out coffee, chat.

  • Alan updated their bio at 16:49 - 6th Jan 2023


    Hoping to make some friends to hang out with. I’m in Westmeath, married, dad of 1. Travel a lot! Honest, straight up kinda guy:

  • Alexandru updated their bio at 15:17 - 4th Jan 2023


    Hello! I'm in Ireland 10 months and I don't have any friends here. I'm really shy and no good speaker but I'm good listener.

  • nomava updated their bio at 8:00 - 2nd Jan 2023


    I’ve always been a very shy person until I know the person better so for me to go out and just make friends was really hard. Hope will make friends on this app

  • Jessica updated their bio at 11:14 - 31st Dec 2022


    Originally from Luxembourg, been living in the West of Ireland (Mayo) for the last 6.5 years. Interested in all things sustainability, permaculture, slow fashion, renewable energy etc. I love being creative, my main hobbies are crafting and drawing as well as fibre arts. Looking to meet like minded people in the area.

  • Selena updated their bio at 22:53 - 29th Dec 2022


    I’m an American looking to move to Ireland and want to make some friends before I get there.

  • Mariosa updated their bio at 10:48 - 28th Dec 2022


    Hi! Just looking to make new friends and go for coffee! ☕️

  • Erdi updated their bio at 17:21 - 17th Dec 2022


    I'm a 31 years old Turkish guy.I came to work as a software developer to Dublin last year. I love hanging out for food or drinks.

  • Marthe updated their bio at 11:18 - 5th Dec 2022


    Hi, I've been in Dublin for a month and would like to make new friends. So if you are in Dublin and like to chat, eat and have a laugh come and talk to me!!! I will be happy to answer you.

  • Susan updated their bio at 16:14 - 27th Nov 2022


    Hi, just on here to meet some new people, and form new friendships, I'm a kind person, good listener, gsoh, varied interests.

  • will updated their bio at 11:13 - 27th Nov 2022


    Hi. My name is Will (Willie) I am looking for female in letterkenny or near letterkenny who is new to town or county donegal Maybe meet a friend I can help.

  • Lisa updated their bio at 12:14 - 23rd Nov 2022


    I’m currently live in the states (USA). I’m looking to chat with others over in Ireland and abroad. I’m so intrigued with the culture and every day life of the people of Ireland. The language is ❤️. I am a college grad with a masters in psychology and adolescent behavior. I am currently a social worker here in the states.

  • Thomas updated their bio at 7:00 - 21st Nov 2022


    Hi, My name is Thomas. I am a very immature 18 year old, I am Autistic, ADHD, Dyspraxia with bad anxiety, I find it very hard to make friends because i've tried before and it wasnt nice, I just here to try and socialise, i get really nervous, im very outspoken too.

  • Amina updated their bio at 18:39 - 16th Nov 2022


    I am a South African Muslim living in Limerick. I have moved to Ireland in June and fairly new here. Looking to connect with ladies and hopefully have some company in my free time.

  • Kate updated their bio at 14:07 - 15th Nov 2022


    I'm 21, It's very hard for me to find a friend as I've social anxiety. Love horse riding, roller blading, ice skating, drawing. Have 3 adorable guinea pigs.

  • Nora updated their bio at 13:19 - 15th Nov 2022


    Looking to meet new people

  • Roxanne updated their bio at 6:11 - 13th Nov 2022


    Hey! Would love to meet people with shared interests. I love gaming, cats, watching crap TV and just hanging out with great people. Would love to try new things and get out of the house more.

  • Aisling updated their bio at 8:22 - 12th Nov 2022


    Hi, I'm Aisling. I'm a 26 year old living in the outskirts of Waterford City. I'd love to make a few new friends to have the chats over a lunch date, do some sightseeing around Ireland and maybe go to a comedy show or live music event from time to time. I'm also open to online friendships. I'm in no rush to meet up in person. Whatever's comfortable for everyone! Hope to hear from you lovelys soon 😊

  • Clara updated their bio at 3:33 - 5th Nov 2022


    Hi, I recently moved to Cork for my PhD in Criminology. I love to read, watch movies/TV, hanging out with people by going for coffee/tea or meeting up for a drink. Cooking together or going out for food is something I'm always up to! Basically just looking for my people in this new country.

  • Gemma updated their bio at 2:45 - 31st Oct 2022


    I'm 26 and looking for a friend, just looking for someone to chat to really, would love to know someone with similar interests to me!

  • Sarah updated their bio at 1:32 - 31st Oct 2022


    I’m a senior product designer living in Dublin now for 5 years after having lived in Italy for 5 years as my husband is Italian and moved there for him. We both work in the tech industry and have a wide range of interests. Posso parlare un po’ di italiano però ho perso l’abitudine dopo 5 anni a Dublino 😅

  • John updated their bio at 14:54 - 30th Oct 2022


    Retired Civil serpent (no, not a misspelling). Separated. Two adult children in college in Netherlands. Not long living in Co. Roscommon so wanting to make friends.

  • Edna updated their bio at 1:52 - 27th Oct 2022


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  • Luca updated their bio at 7:19 - 25th Oct 2022


    Recently moved back to Italy I miss Ireland Could use friends etc. Love travelling, walking/hiking, good food, good music, environmentalist, lefty, not religious.

  • Marina updated their bio at 15:53 - 24th Oct 2022


    I am Marina 29 yrs old, I'm a singer, songwriter and Vocal Coach. But I also have other hobbies (ask me). I am interested in psychology, philosophy and deep conversations. Ambivert🙆🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I love Cats & Animals in general ❤️🥰 I like meeting people and making new friends. I recently moved to Ireland from Greece with my Boyfriend so I am free for coffee or a Beer or two 🍻🍺

  • Magdalena updated their bio at 9:43 - 22nd Oct 2022


    Hello 🙂 I moved to Dublin about 1 year ago. I am interested in fusion cuisine, history and art. I am a bookworm. I am open-minded and usually optimistic. I think that art is a piece of heaven which is given us from gods. If you want to meet someone with whom you can create a real and deep relationship, please feel free to contact me.

  • Prudence updated their bio at 8:54 - 10th Oct 2022


    Hey! im just a girl whose kinda looking for others to have fun with in this world

  • Janice updated their bio at 5:30 - 9th Oct 2022


    I'm am American looking for online friends.

  • Joanne updated their bio at 16:04 - 7th Oct 2022


    Looking for new friends in cork

  • Javier updated their bio at 14:27 - 3rd Oct 2022


    It is a bit hard to describe myself but after finding this site, I wondered whether I could get along with some people throughout the island of Ireland. During the last years, after my grandfather passed away, I've been an amateur genealogist in an attempt to know a bit more about my own ancestry and the ancestry of other members of my family and there's a chance some members of my family are related to the Marquesses of Londonderry, probably linked to Robert Cowan's mother that inherited the fortune of his brother. Don't think I'm trying to sound important after sharing this, btw! I just believe it is important to know where we all come from. Apart from that, I like to play chess if I have the chance. I don't live in Derry but I had to select an option, that's why I mentioned the Cowan family in this short biography. Hope we might get to know each other even if the Atlantic separates us!

  • Carolyn updated their bio at 1:55 - 26th Sep 2022


    I am originally from limerick and have recently moved to Cashel with my husband and teenage daughter. I am looking to make some new friends and hopefully to get involved in some way with Cashel community.

  • Anthony updated their bio at 6:12 - 24th Sep 2022


    I planned a trip to bring my mom to Ireland for a week in April 2023 to research and visit her families origins from Cork. My dad passed away November 2021 and I really wanted to do something special for her while i still have her around. Since I don't know anyone from Ireland and my mom is a bit elderly, I thought it might be nice to get to know someone local and maybe hear more about the Irish culture from someone experiencing it first hand. I plan on more international travels in the future so this friendship would have the potential to literally grow exponentially through time and distance we travel.

  • Catriona updated their bio at 13:48 - 20th Sep 2022


    Animal lover. Love to meet for coffee, lunches, cocktails and days out shopping or exploring places.

  • Brenda updated their bio at 15:43 - 17th Sep 2022


    I am very trustworthy person. and I need someone that will love me for whom I am I love outdoor and indoor stuff. I guess am tired of playing games I really wanna get settle down with one loving and caring man with kids I love to have fun in  life. I love to spend time with Father but he is no more. he is my best friend and a role model

  • Louise updated their bio at 14:28 - 13th Sep 2022


    Hi All, I'm 34 from Dublin but living in Galway City atm and would love to meet new people now that have similar interest. Love coffee dates and walks, hikes, going the gym, cinema, love going to gigs, love football & rugby.

  • Kiara updated their bio at 23:22 - 12th Sep 2022


    nothing special

  • Maura updated their bio at 12:35 - 12th Sep 2022


    Hey guys, im maura would love to get chatting with people with the same interests as me. E.g outoors, wood walks, cinema, films, comedy shows , meals out.. 😁 Im 32 virgo and live near carlow.

  • Katie updated their bio at 8:24 - 11th Sep 2022


    Been in Dublin for over a year but have found it difficult to connect and make friends. Would like to spend my weekends and evenings not in my flat, try out new restaurants and find a travel/adventure buddy.

  • Kumar updated their bio at 5:26 - 10th Sep 2022


    Hey guys, I just moved to Dublin. Looking for new people to go out to get food, drinks or clubbing with

  • Helen updated their bio at 6:10 - 8th Sep 2022


    In my 50s semi-retired returned from living abroad, and have no-one to do stuff with. Whilst family is great I would love to have people to travel with, anything from staycations to travel abroad, I'm doing so much solo these days, would love to widen my circle! Take up new hobbies and attend workshops, yoga retreats or whatever takes our fancy.

  • Kevin updated their bio at 2:01 - 8th Sep 2022


    Hi, My name is Kevin, I came to Dublin two months ago looking for live the experience. I consider myself a friendly person who you can talk about any topic and have a nice time 😁 I would like to meet new people and make this experience unforgettable.

  • Michelle updated their bio at 9:36 - 6th Sep 2022


    Hi, I am Michelle, I am 39, I work in SuperValu, I am an artist, I am in a commited relationship, finally feeling like a fully formed adult and totally up for all the responsibility that comes with it - bring on a mortgage and kids! And here I am, looking for female friends to have a laugh with, go for a drink once in a while, for coffee/tea and lunches from time to time, to have an accountability running buddy (or mostly walking with some jogging, working towards eventually running) to go to meditation and/or yoga classes together once in a blue moon, or maybe a dog mom to walk my dog with. If you live near me (River Forest, Leixlip) and want some of this friendship action, hi!

  • Tiago updated their bio at 11:07 - 29th Aug 2022


    PhD student from Brazil!

  • Chris updated their bio at 11:32 - 24th Aug 2022


    Moved to Ireland. We are looking for couples for friendship.

  • Vincent updated their bio at 6:51 - 23rd Aug 2022


    Hello, I'm living in Dublin, Dundrum/Sandyford. Working from home with flexible agenda, I'm looking to meet people living around me. I like a wide range of activities from doing sport (hiking, jogging, tennis) to deep conversations about life and geopolitics. If you live around the south of Dublin, contact me and let's have a coffee sometimes.

  • Siddhesh updated their bio at 14:53 - 17th Aug 2022


    Heyy buddies and lasses! :D I'm a researcher who is in Dublin to study for his Masters. I'm an inquisitive person and a good listener. I love trying different cuisines so, if you are a gastronome like me, we'll connect instantly :D I love watching anime and open to discussions about why a certain character is better than the other or something along those lines :P I would love to hear about your hobbies too, so don't be shy and leave a comment! Cheers!

  • Haider updated their bio at 4:47 - 15th Aug 2022


    I just relocate in Ireland from Italy; and wanted to know new people who share my same interest and be friend

  • Deirdre updated their bio at 4:18 - 15th Aug 2022


    Married with 2 girls

  • Emmett updated their bio at 0:20 - 15th Aug 2022


    Married dad of one looking for people to go to gigs with, chat with, make new friends, go for a coffee or a beer,

  • Tyra updated their bio at 14:38 - 13th Aug 2022


    I recently moved from South Africa to Letterkenny, Donegal. I will be pursuing my Master's in Cyberpsychology at LYIT in September. I am new to the area so looking to make some girls pals 😀💞

  • John updated their bio at 14:13 - 9th Aug 2022


    Hi guys I’m John from Cork, I’m an easy going guy who enjoys most things,swimming,rugby,reading,and other activities,I’m interested in learning new stuff . Feel free to message me.

  • Davi updated their bio at 10:30 - 9th Aug 2022


    I’m looking for friends Snapchat: davir8

  • Nina updated their bio at 8:36 - 7th Aug 2022


    HI all. This is my second time on the site as Ive just relocated further south. It wasn´´ too successful the last time but then we were in the thick of Covid so I´´m hoping now there are a few more opportunities for like minded people to be able to meet up. I´m interested in a lot of things ranging from great food and travel to movies and books. I have some time on my hands so would be nice to catch a coffee, go for a walk with the dogs (I´ve got 2) even maybe watch a movie or go shopping. You know, just regular stuff since most of my closest friends live abroad. I´m open to people of all ages and any sex but maybe it´s just easier if you are female between 40-50 as we may be more likely to have similiar interests. Online friendship is great but I like to get out and about so really looking to meet people local to me. Thanks!

  • Seyi updated their bio at 13:06 - 6th Aug 2022


    Moved back to dublin recently looking for friends to hang and do normal stuff with :)

  • James updated their bio at 15:09 - 5th Aug 2022


    High school teacher and musician. Father to three amazing children. Looking to meet (friendship only) Irish citizens and build connections. Moving to Ireland in 2024.

  • Sean updated their bio at 12:04 - 1st Aug 2022


    New to Dublin. Looking to meet new people

  • Регина updated their bio at 5:57 - 30th Jul 2022


    Hello. I am looking for friends in Galway. To practice English and just communicate.

  • Sonam updated their bio at 11:39 - 28th Jul 2022


    Hi, I recently moved to Limerick from India. And being an expat, finding it difficult to make friends so it is my feeble attempt in doing so. Lol. If interested, do leave a message. Love...

  • Imran updated their bio at 16:44 - 25th Jul 2022


    Looking for making friends in Galway. Feel free to text me if you are interested. Cheers!

  • Lucia updated their bio at 13:28 - 23rd Jul 2022


    Moved from Argentina to Ireland! I’m a dog and coffee lover. Would love to talk to you!!✨ Looking to meet people and make new friends💕

  • Milena updated their bio at 10:58 - 22nd Jul 2022


    Dogs 🐶 and nature lover. Enjoying spending time actively: fitness and dancing, healthy lifestyle moved from Australia to Ireland 🇮🇪 so would love to make new friends offline

  • Natalie updated their bio at 1:16 - 22nd Jul 2022


    Hi there I recently moved back from Scotland to Ireland. I’m looking to make friends (female) in my area. I find it very difficult at this age.

  • Adam updated their bio at 2:27 - 17th Jul 2022


    Looking to meet new people in the kilkenny area for friendship.

  • Yash updated their bio at 7:47 - 3rd Jul 2022


    Interested in art, literature, board games, hiking, biking, nature, trying different cuisines, or hanging out at Eyre Sq. in general. A Full-time IT professional working from home and have just relocated to Galway so I don't know many people here so please do reach out if you're interested to socialize in person.

  • Cristina updated their bio at 4:37 - 2nd Jul 2022


    Hi. I moved to Dublin quite recently and I am looking forward to making some friends in the area. I am 20 years old, I enjoy reading, going to art museums and writing.

  • Carmen updated their bio at 3:22 - 2nd Jul 2022


    Hi, I'm Carmen, I'm from Spain and I have recently moved with my boyfriend Miguel to Ireland to learn English. We would like to meet new people and do activities, make friends, discover places and practice our English.

  • Michael updated their bio at 9:00 - 26th Jun 2022


    Just on this to make some friends!

  • Suzanne updated their bio at 12:18 - 22nd Jun 2022


    Active, non drinking lover of the outdoors, festivals, yoga, gym, reading, concerts, food, travel and more. Looking to meet other similar people for adventures and socialising😊

  • updated their bio at 1:35 - 19th Jun 2022


    I love art, anime, manga, video games and more! Looking to meet potential friends from mid 20's to 30's 🙂 Only looking for friendship as I'm in a happy long term committed relationship so please only message me if you're looking for the same :)

  • Laura updated their bio at 20:58 - 17th Jun 2022


    Love animals, gaming,food,music and walks :) like chilling out with a coffee. Dont have any kids at present. Would like to meet people from 30 upwards :)

  • Amy updated their bio at 6:40 - 5th Jun 2022


    My name is Amy and I recently moved back to mayo from Dublin. I enjoy walking, hiking (being outdoors in general) salsa and yoga.

  • Colette updated their bio at 6:31 - 4th Jun 2022


    I moved west a few years ago but haven't made that many friends. My partner is busy with his farm and family a lit of the time and it gets kind of lonely. I'm a fun person but quiet laid back. My friends world say I'm very loyal.

  • Anthony updated their bio at 8:21 - 3rd Jun 2022


    just lonely waiting for something good to come along

  • D updated their bio at 9:24 - 1st Jun 2022


    I am one of those people who has always been on the outside looking in. I never had a strong friendship group when I was in school or college. I left Ireland in my 20's and lost contact with people I knew in school and college. I worked and travelled and had life experiences most Irish people can't relate to. I came back to Ireland and found I am now an anomaly. I am a single female in my 40's with no children and no peer group, friends in Ireland. I have found Irish society is based around the family, people with children and Irish people very reluctant and adverse to making friends and allowing a new person into their social groups. So here I am, alone, with no real life in person friends in Ireland.

  • Matthias updated their bio at 1:19 - 30th May 2022


    Hello, I am 24 (male), arived in Ireland recently, I am a systems design engineer doing a working holiday in Ireland. I would like to travel all over the country and meet new people during my 2 years here.

  • Lauren updated their bio at 13:40 - 29th May 2022


    I'm Lauren, 27 from Dublin. I love reading, writing, drawing, going for walks, going on drives, exploring new places, playing and listening to music. Looking to find some new hobbies and meet new people! I'm a bit of an introvert and socially awkward so struggle making friends

  • Adamski updated their bio at 2:41 - 29th May 2022


    Learn yourself - what you don't know, Teach others - what you know, Let the world be a better place!

  • Kay updated their bio at 18:57 - 28th May 2022


    Hey guys,here looking to see if I can meet friends

  • helen updated their bio at 10:29 - 28th May 2022


    Exciting to make new friendships.

  • Dinneen updated their bio at 9:34 - 26th May 2022


    Hello look ing to make friends enjoy socialising pints cinema meals out walking cycling

  • Klara updated their bio at 9:33 - 23rd May 2022


    Hi My name is Klara and I am 40 years old. I am working part time and I try to enjoy life in the rest of my free time. I like to paint, going to the gym and love big walking with my dog. I have an interesting state as I live in Ireland almost 6 years now but still can’t really find friends. Most of the Hungarians are always complaining or sad about something and I don’t like/need that. In my opinion we all should be very grateful and happy for what we have and we should enjoy our daily lives. Irish people to afraid to get the time to know me. I never understand that why. We are foreigners and we always be foreigners but we pay lots of taxes, my husband works as a doctor…so I just don’t get it why everybody keeps distance. ❤️ I never did something like this so I am a bit curious but why not try it…I want to be open minded maybe I can find someone who is somehow similar like me.

  • Alexa updated their bio at 12:12 - 22nd May 2022



  • Stanislas updated their bio at 10:42 - 22nd May 2022


    Hi ! My name is Stanislas and I come from France. I am here to meet new people because I am new in Dublin.

  • Paulina updated their bio at 10:55 - 21st May 2022


    Hello everyone, my name is Paulina and i am from Poland. Here in Ireland for almost 4.5 years. Passionate about baking and watching Friends. Looking to meet people with similar interests :)

  • Johnny updated their bio at 22:54 - 20th May 2022


    Happy go lucky adventure seeker, love to have a laugh, enjoy adventure sports, nites out and in, good music, keeping fit and as healthy as possible, travelling, cars, gym, running, wanna know more just ask.

  • Stacey updated their bio at 2:22 - 20th May 2022


    Mum of 3, living in Offaly near Enfield. I sea swim in Dublin weekly and enjoy plays, hiking and spending time outdoors

  • Rich updated their bio at 4:49 - 19th May 2022


    How do adults make friends? Beats me, let's give this a try. So, I recently realized that I have no close friends anymore. I guess I have withdrawn from anything social over the last few years. Looking to make a change and see if there are people here I can connect with. Interests: Football(the foreign game), Video Games (casual gamer and proud of it), Listening to music and podcasts (I do this a lot as I can get away with doing this in work so any recommendations are welcome). Personality: Reserved at first, uncomfortable in social situations but I warm up fairly quickly, I have a dumb sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I've been told I am quite good at doing impressions.

  • Alejandro updated their bio at 13:44 - 18th May 2022


    Hola ! I'm a Erasmus student here in Ireland and I'm looking for native friends here to improve my English and learn more about this beautiful country , I love nature , history and people whit a really bad sense of humour, if you are Irish and you love Irlanda please , talk to me I'll be glad to hear you, I'll share some tips about Spain in exchange, it will be cool.

  • Fazlin updated their bio at 23:36 - 17th May 2022


    I am from Southern Africa and would like to make new friends!

  • Jade updated their bio at 12:32 - 14th May 2022


    Looking to meet new people and make new friends ! Message me 😊

  • Shane updated their bio at 18:17 - 9th May 2022


    I'm a 29 Yeard Old Guy. I'm into Gaming (PC and Console) currently playing Elden Ring and about to start Ghostwire: Tokyo and just started trying DayZ. I'm into Anime (My fav is Fairy Tail and FMAB), VTubers (Subaru, Ina, Ironmouse, Nyanners, ShyLily and Yuzu are some of my favs) my favourite Genre in anything is Horror and Fantasy. I love all kinds of Music and been told my taste is is all over the place and kinda like a Jukebox because you never know what I'll play next.

  • Caitriona updated their bio at 11:02 - 9th May 2022


    Hi, Hoping to meet new people. Love the outdoors, mom to two smallies. Living between Cork and Kerry

  • Mark updated their bio at 2:33 - 9th May 2022


    Hi all, I'm Mark & I live in Co. Mayo with my partner & 2 kids. It'd be great to make some new friends

  • Aisling updated their bio at 6:32 - 8th May 2022


    Hi. Be nice to meet new people.

  • Rafael updated their bio at 9:08 - 7th May 2022


    I'm finding myself wanting to get out, which would be amazing to have some more friends to do things with - starting a new job online in the pandemic has made it hard to get to know people! I love animals, pints, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix shows, backpacking and finding new places to eat.

  • Kgosi Tumi updated their bio at 16:16 - 6th May 2022


    Tumi here. born and raised in Botswana. I adore going on adventures and traveling; I enjoy meeting new friends and discovering new places.

  • Joe updated their bio at 5:58 - 6th May 2022


    Will Fill This in Later

  • Maddie updated their bio at 9:32 - 3rd May 2022


    Fun loving young at heart and new to the area. Looking for new friends. Interested in all things self sufficient rescue dogs and good cafes.

  • Isabela updated their bio at 10:25 - 1st May 2022


    Traveling alone to Dublin. Looking for friendship to have fun together

  • Blanca updated their bio at 13:58 - 26th Apr 2022


    HI everyone! My name is Blanca. I'm from the Dominican Republic. I speak English, French, and Spanish (native). I currently live in Co. Tipperary. I would love to meet people interested in outdoor activities, smart discussions, world history, philosophy, among other topics.

  • Souna updated their bio at 1:30 - 25th Apr 2022



  • Aoife updated their bio at 16:44 - 23rd Apr 2022


    Hey, I'm 25 and a PhD student in studying chemistry. I've been in Dublin for 5 or 6 years, but feel like I've barely seen any of it! Since coming back after the pandemic, I'm finding myself wanting to get out an explore a bit more, as well as wishing I had some more friends to do things with - starting a new job online in the pandemic has made it hard to get to know people! I love cats, cocktails, baking, and binge watching netflix shows

  • Harsh updated their bio at 7:39 - 22nd Apr 2022


    Hi, I'm Harsh! born and raised in India. I absolutely love traveling and going on adventures, I'm a social person who loves meeting new people making connections, and fond of exploring things.

  • Dana updated their bio at 20:51 - 20th Apr 2022


    Hello! My family comes from Belfast in County Antrim. My other side comes from northern Mexico. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I am pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Neuropsych. I am a nerd at heart. I was raised with knowledge of the Mexican side but not my Irish side. I want to indulge in my roots and meet people in Ireland. I live in and am from Denver, Colorado, USA.

  • Qis updated their bio at 12:00 - 18th Apr 2022


    Hi I'm Qis! 23, born and raised in sunny Singapore. I absolutely love travelling and going on adventures. I'll be in Dublin for a week in June so I'd love to make some friends. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, don't be stranger!

  • Matthew updated their bio at 15:53 - 17th Apr 2022


    From the US traveling to Ireland next summer

  • Jade updated their bio at 6:14 - 16th Apr 2022


    Hi :-) I’m jade looking to meet some new friends in Kerry! Give me a message :-)

  • Cara updated their bio at 11:52 - 14th Apr 2022


    Hey my name is Cara, easy going and fun loving always up for a laugh 😃

  • Elena updated their bio at 6:02 - 13th Apr 2022


    💖 Looking to make new friends, I moved to cork city last year from Italy, so I would love to get to know more people! I'm just looking for open minded friendly people :)

  • Cherise updated their bio at 14:11 - 11th Apr 2022


    Hey, my name is Cherise. I'm 25 years old. I'm quiet in nature which has led me to be more reserved when compared with people my age. I find it hard to reach out and make new friends and thought why not push myself and at least try. I have friends but I would like to find people who have similar interests to me. I enjoy playing games, reading and movies. I would like a friend group where we don't feel the need to speak but sit in each other's company whilst we both do or own things, or play online together.

  • Kate updated their bio at 18:28 - 10th Apr 2022


    I'm an architecture student from Ukraine, but now I live in Ireland. My profession is my hobby, however i like photographing on digital camera and mobile, and exploring new places. Playing PC games, watching Netflix and sometimes anime seem like a great pastime for me. I worked in architecture and interior design studios. I have arrived to Ireland recently, so it would be interesting for me to meet new people and get acquainted with country.

  • Siobhan updated their bio at 14:34 - 5th Apr 2022


    Studying mental health nursing. Moved home from Liverpool all my friends are in the us or aus so struggling

  • Natasha updated their bio at 13:21 - 4th Apr 2022


    I am autistic, I love fashion, going to restaurants, pubs and cafes.

  • Erin updated their bio at 8:23 - 2nd Apr 2022


    I returned to Ireland 4 years after living in England and Hong Kong so looking to make local friends as most of my close friends live abroad now.

  • Dee updated their bio at 1:55 - 2nd Apr 2022


    Friendship is so important:in a world of virtual connections we are still looking for real friends and real rocks in our lives

  • Leon updated their bio at 13:14 - 31st Mar 2022


    Trying to make some Irish friends.

  • Grace updated their bio at 16:52 - 29th Mar 2022


    My name is Grace, from Africa, Nigeria

  • Joaquina updated their bio at 5:33 - 26th Mar 2022


    Heeyyy you wanna be my fren

  • Samantha updated their bio at 13:16 - 23rd Mar 2022


    Hello, my name is Wutanda. I live in Zambia and looking to relocate to Ireland. I would like to meet people that are able to guide how to go about it and possibly help me get a job and later enroll into college. Here back home, I work with children and I am all about advocating for women and childrens rights through sport for development. I love art, culture, travel and I am trying to learn new languages. English is my first language as it is our official language in Zambia. If anyone is interested in being a friend and helping me plan this journey please email me I look forward to the many friends

  • Teena updated their bio at 21:27 - 21st Mar 2022


    Hi. I’m a family carer to my dad who’s 96, and a German Shepherd called GoogleDog! Until recently, it’s been difficult for me to leave my house, but I have some new supports in place and now I’m looking to extend my circle of friends.

  • maighread updated their bio at 17:53 - 20th Mar 2022


    Hi there, My name is Maighread. I'm a 37 year old Mother of two. I am the centre manager of a children's residential home. I love music, theatre, drama and comedy. I'm based in Letterkenny and looking to make genuine friendships.

  • Aladdin updated their bio at 10:45 - 20th Mar 2022


    Living in Ireland for the last 14 years

  • Kellie-Marie updated their bio at 5:48 - 20th Mar 2022


    Hi my name is Kellie I am 28 years old and I have 3 kids i live in kildare and would like to make some new friends

  • Rebecca updated their bio at 4:26 - 18th Mar 2022


    Looking to make some gal pals! I’m currently in final year of college and enjoy chatting, going for coffee and going for dog walks !:-)

  • Caroline updated their bio at 13:46 - 13th Mar 2022


    Happy, bubbly person, good life, looking to expand my social connections.. I'm single with no kids so looking for new friends in similar position..Male or female welcome

  • Artoghrul updated their bio at 12:21 - 13th Mar 2022


    I'm looking for an Irish friend. I wonder about Irish culture.

  • Olivier updated their bio at 1:29 - 13th Mar 2022


    French guy living in Ireland for 10 years. It's getting harder to meet people these days so trying it online

  • Mo updated their bio at 13:03 - 4th Mar 2022


    Hi - I'm Mo, I'm moving to Dublin in a month!

  • Sarah Louise updated their bio at 14:13 - 3rd Mar 2022


    28, moved back home from London during the pandemic, have a fiancé and am in the process of renovating a house, looking for a friend to have coffee, walks, share a bottle of wine and watch a gig. I’m generally a positive outgoing person and love to have a good giggle!

  • Nathan updated their bio at 9:58 - 2nd Mar 2022


    Out going individual that is bored most of the time. Just looking to make some new friends. Both online and offline.

  • Cynthia updated their bio at 11:40 - 25th Feb 2022


    I am 54 years of age. I am fit, exercise 6 times a week, I am bilingual, a clinician in mental health, and an avid reader.

  • Noemi updated their bio at 3:15 - 23rd Feb 2022


    Hi, I'm Noemi, I'm from Switzerland and I'll be staying in Ireland from March to June. I'm just hoping to meet some cool people and have a good time :)

  • sathnidu updated their bio at 3:03 - 23rd Feb 2022


    hi i am an student and i like computers

  • Yvonne updated their bio at 16:14 - 22nd Feb 2022


    Hi married mid 30s just looking to make some new friends in mayo area to socialise go out for a drink sometime maybe

  • Daniel updated their bio at 10:58 - 22nd Feb 2022


    I arrived in Dublin in Februrary 2022 and I am a little bit shy. For me is hard to make new friends offline but after the people know me, I am a nice person. I feel alone here and would like to talk to someone about anything. A like animals, nature, walking, music etc.

  • Collette updated their bio at 7:11 - 21st Feb 2022


    Now in my early 40's. A few years married with no kids, just fur babies. I've a home, job/living, relationship, older family members and fur babies all present in my life & doing ok. I have spare time available & some friendships would be nice to share chats, walks, day trips, food, life experiences with, that would be the cherry on the cake 🧁. I'm open minded and non judgemental and enjoy meeting & spending time with people of all ages, nationalities and cultures.

  • Vilmantas updated their bio at 4:33 - 21st Feb 2022


    I’m very kind person. Really enjoying friends companies. I came here to find new friends and practice my english skills so If you are not selfish and you really like to help people, I’m the one with who you can begin😁

  • Nora updated their bio at 8:10 - 20th Feb 2022


    Married, childfree... just looking for some friends to do fun things without the hubs! He’s great, but a girl needs pals! Currently back in Uni at UCC as well!

  • Satya updated their bio at 22:16 - 19th Feb 2022


    Looking for friends to have a casual conversations

  • Katie updated their bio at 7:09 - 19th Feb 2022


    Have moved around the country a lot back to cork now and looking to meet a new circle of friends!

  • Natalie updated their bio at 17:13 - 18th Feb 2022


    Hi, I live Texas and I'm very interested in Ireland and would like to make some friends there.

  • Ofyras updated their bio at 15:54 - 18th Feb 2022


    Im from Lithuania gamer

  • adhil updated their bio at 10:41 - 16th Feb 2022


    im adhil,from India.i love anime,music,soccer,movie etc.your nationality,region and other are not problem

  • Johnny updated their bio at 14:19 - 13th Feb 2022


    Free some evenings and on weekends for outdoor activities. Used to be far fitter so any involved exercise shall be good. Kinda lost my social interest awhile ago so I try to get up and atom again

  • Yoga updated their bio at 12:56 - 12th Feb 2022


    I have recently moved to Dublin. I work for a tech company as a Lead Software Engineer. I am looking forward to meet someone genuine, nice and friendly.

  • ting updated their bio at 21:35 - 11th Feb 2022


    I live in a coastal city in southern China and I want to make new friends

  • Sarah updated their bio at 12:09 - 11th Feb 2022


    Hi! Just looking to widen my friend group - people who share my interests and hopefully are funny! Like eating out, music, theatre, good conversation, hikes, camping, quizzes and board games, but up for anything!

  • Gianmarco updated their bio at 19:10 - 10th Feb 2022


    Hi everyone, i'm a freelance videomaker and photographer that is looking forward to spend couple of months visiting around the beautiful Ireland, i would like to connect with people to share life, ideas, trips and more...

  • Kelly updated their bio at 10:56 - 9th Feb 2022


    Hi! My name is Kelly! I am 23 years old and currently studying dog grooming online! I am currently looking for some girls that I can get to know and hopefully get to eventually meet up and have a good friendship! All my friends have moved on and we went our separate ways so I am hoping to find meaningful friendships! I love meeting up, video games and reading! :)

  • Shannon updated their bio at 8:32 - 9th Feb 2022


    Hi! Dutchie in Ireland for 6 months working as an au pair. I would love to meet some new people and make some good memories :) I'd love to go out for a drink, to walk and discover some of Ireland.

  • Hazel updated their bio at 12:51 - 8th Feb 2022


    Hey I’m Hazel 👋 I’m looking to make some new female friends in Galway 🙂

  • Camille updated their bio at 7:48 - 8th Feb 2022


    Hi ! I'm from France, I'm 23 and I just arrived in Dublin a couple months ago and I'm now looking to make some friends to hang out and chat ! 😊 I enjoy a night out as much as walking around the city or reading a book.

  • Sylvain updated their bio at 10:07 - 6th Feb 2022


    I am a young French man new in Ireland. I have been living in Kilkenny City for one month. I would like to make friends for going out, traveling, playing sport, ...

  • Deborah updated their bio at 6:26 - 6th Feb 2022


    Hi I'm 40 and a single mam of older kids I work in healthcare and am looking to meet new friends to broaden my interests

  • Shauna updated their bio at 10:58 - 5th Feb 2022


    Recently moved to Dublin and looking to meet some new people

  • Tracey updated their bio at 17:15 - 3rd Feb 2022


    Looking to make new friends- will fill in rest later.

  • Siobhán updated their bio at 16:40 - 3rd Feb 2022


    Hey there! I'm Siobhán, 22 and love animals, food, a good series, car trips with 80s music, the outdoors and exploring! Looking to make new friends and have the chats!

  • Kenna updated their bio at 6:56 - 1st Feb 2022


    Looking to make some friends from Galway before my trip next year!☺️

  • Merle updated their bio at 6:42 - 1st Feb 2022


    Hi! My name is Merle, I am 19 years old, and I currently live in Dublin. I moved here to do my internship at a local newspaper, as I am in my third year of my study journalism. I love to travel, hike and, of course, I love to explore cities. It would be great to meet someone with the same interest. Perhaps than we could do something together!

  • liz updated their bio at 9:22 - 31st Jan 2022


    i love meeting new friends

  • Catherine updated their bio at 13:17 - 30th Jan 2022


    Recently moved to near Athlone, hoping to make some new friends ❤️

  • Gemma updated their bio at 12:36 - 30th Jan 2022


    Hi my name is Gemma hoping to make friendships im an honest nice person love my furbabys and art my other likes are snorkeling and love a walk on the beach when given the chance i like a good laugh and silly talk

  • Natalia updated their bio at 5:10 - 30th Jan 2022


    I’m pretty shy at first but if you get to know me I give crack head vibes I just moved to a diffirent county and I’m just trying to meet new people.

  • rachel updated their bio at 14:16 - 29th Jan 2022


    Hey I am Rachel 24 from Dublin. I just graduated from college in November and I am looking to make more friends to hang out with and chat to:)

  • Ruby updated their bio at 12:41 - 29th Jan 2022


    Now looking to find more male friends. Have many female friends already! I enjoy vintage films/tv and computer games! I also like pottering in the garden and scenic walks and drives. I enjoy being in touch with my family across the globe but be great to make more men friends in the south east.

  • Megan updated their bio at 16:33 - 28th Jan 2022


    21, living in Dublin

  • Ashutosh updated their bio at 15:26 - 27th Jan 2022


    Currently doing my Masters in Engineering, from National university of Ireland, Galway

  • Colm updated their bio at 12:09 - 26th Jan 2022


    Looking to make friends with common interests.

  • Kathleen updated their bio at 6:16 - 25th Jan 2022


    I like to meet new women friends people and shear hobbies.

  • Yash updated their bio at 8:38 - 21st Jan 2022


    Just moved to Galway because got an internship here. Still new to this county

  • Amy updated their bio at 7:42 - 21st Jan 2022


    Hey, I’m Amy 😊 I’m 30 😘 from Dublin. Looking to make new life long friends to do all the usual fun stuff with, go on adventures and just have an amazing time. Feel free to send me a message and we can have a chat 😊

  • Donna updated their bio at 20:25 - 20th Jan 2022


    New to Kildare and want to meet some new people. Very interested to learn new things.

  • Tina updated their bio at 14:33 - 20th Jan 2022


    I'm a mother of 4 grown children. I'm a young 49 year old . Loving life at the moment bit of a foodie. Love travel, laughing and making new friends.

  • Carlos updated their bio at 17:20 - 16th Jan 2022


    I like hiking and mango.

  • Anam updated their bio at 7:51 - 15th Jan 2022


    Hi! I’m 21 years old and I’m looking forward to make new friends from Dublin as I will be shifting there in September.

  • Anna updated their bio at 12:47 - 13th Jan 2022


    Hi, I'm quite a shy person and don't really drink so often find it difficult to meet people as drinking and pubs are the culture in Ireland although my way of life has been sorta forced on people during lockdown :P. As happy as I am in my own company I'd like to meet some new friends to be able to hang out with, grab a coffee, see a film even just go for a walk with. Once I get to know you and I'm comfortable I'm very chatty. I'm not into drama, I just like a peaceful life.

  • Noreen updated their bio at 8:16 - 10th Jan 2022


    Interested in making friends. Very shy. Avid reader. Determined to learn how make friends improve my conversation skills.

  • Azapbeyi updated their bio at 4:44 - 7th Jan 2022



  • Ell updated their bio at 10:04 - 5th Jan 2022


    Hey looking to meet some more girl friends🤍

  • Michele updated their bio at 4:14 - 5th Jan 2022


    52 in February and still fairly new to Ireland. It would be great to make friends here and have meaningful connections and have fun as well as a bit of support in the tougher times. Hoping to meet people close to my own age if possible. Thanks.

  • Claire updated their bio at 16:54 - 4th Jan 2022


    I’m a 33 female interested in meeting new people. I’m genuine, down to earth and would like to meet someone similar. Love day trips, nights out, music.

  • Victoria updated their bio at 3:00 - 2nd Jan 2022


    I am a physical fitness agent and also into psychological therapist

  • Margaret updated their bio at 16:16 - 1st Jan 2022


    Hello I'm a genuine, friendly person hoping to connect with like-minded people. I love life. I love music, deep conversations about many things. I enjoy the countryside and nature,long walks, watching films that are fact based. I like interior decorating and art, fashion, writing poetry and lyrics, reading etc...

  • ali updated their bio at 13:34 - 1st Jan 2022


    2 kids like to meet people to hang out with, and to go drinking nights in and out. some one to chill or go for a walk with

  • Sarah updated their bio at 9:59 - 31st Dec 2021


    Looking for exercise / walking buddies on lunchtimes while working from home 😊

  • Petra updated their bio at 17:33 - 30th Dec 2021


    Hello there! I moved to Ireland almost 4 years ago, but i haven't come around to make some local friends yet. I like cooking (and eating), hiking, walking, city tours, people watching, reading, gigs..

  • Prashanth updated their bio at 13:50 - 30th Dec 2021


    New to clare and would like to meet people.

  • Keri updated their bio at 17:33 - 26th Dec 2021


    I’m an American that actually sent off my paperwork to become a dual citizen to Ireland. I enjoy learning as much as I can about Irish history and my family history along the way. I would love to make friends and possibly one day meet. I hope to one day live over in Ireland for a bit so it would be nice to have familiar faces. I am trying to finish up nursing school in the states, but have been working in the medical field for about a decade. I love anything that involves the water, a good book or show, I have a Great Dane mix dog so he is my world, and love anything historic. I appreciate any cultural historical place or fact, which is why the castles in Ireland fascinate me.

  • Michael updated their bio at 17:10 - 23rd Dec 2021


    Am Michael Appiah Born in Ghana, educated in Ghana here, i want to make a friendship with any Irish woman between the age of 40 to 50 who is also interested to have Ghanaian friend a Man. we can chart and communicate and to share experiences in life.

  • Marie updated their bio at 4:27 - 21st Dec 2021


    Hi everyone! I am 21 and studying at NUI Galway, but I live in Ballina. I would like to get to know people and make friends :)

  • Robin updated their bio at 4:54 - 19th Dec 2021


    Published writer looking for intellectual discussions. Interested in travel, history & Netflix.

  • Aideen updated their bio at 1:12 - 19th Dec 2021


    Hi . My name is Aideen . I'm 30 years old and I work as a healthcare assistant . I live with my partner of 8 years. I like reading, watching tele, exercising and chilling out.

  • Aaron updated their bio at 14:19 - 12th Dec 2021


    Drinking is cool i love to drink with others. I also love to play games and just talk to people.

  • Ger updated their bio at 6:40 - 12th Dec 2021


    Professional woman in Kilkenny into keeping fit, and general things like doing up my home, travel, outdoor activities, current affairs. Work from home a good bit which can get isolated. Im not a party or pub person, like the quiet life. I get on with most people and am generally a positive and happy person. Have lost touch with old school friends and college friends over the years so just looking for friends who are similar to just chit chat about life stuff with…work, family, what’s going on the world lol…nothing too intense.

  • Jamie updated their bio at 13:09 - 11th Dec 2021


    Londoner new to Dublin, working as a lawyer, would like to get to know people and make friends here 😊 Love travelling, seeing new places, museums, finding out new things!

  • aria updated their bio at 12:19 - 8th Dec 2021


    im bored as shit and what better way to waste my time than talking to random ppl ill never make an effort to meet irl

  • Josué updated their bio at 5:51 - 8th Dec 2021


    Hi there! I arrived in Dublin less than a year ago. I'm trying to meet new friends to share things in common :)

  • Franco updated their bio at 15:37 - 6th Dec 2021


    Welcome to my Bio! I’m a native to Argentina who grew up in the USA (that’s where I learned English) and came back to live in Argentina about a decade ago. I’ve been thinking, (and starting to plan), on relocating to Ireland at some point in 2022. I’d love to make some friends with locals before arriving though. As most of you may know, relocating is no easy task, and I’d actually feel a lot better if I at least knew one person or maintained contact with one individual before arriving with absolutely no contact whatsoever. As for interests, I don’t think I’d be able to pinpoint anything specific since I’m normally all over the place when it comes to hobbies and such. So, if anyone is intrested in getting to know me, I’d be more than happy to start a conversation and I’d say that our common interests will show their lights while we’re chatting. If you’ve made it this far, thank you very much! I really do appreciate your time in doing so. And again, feel free to strike up a conversation if you’re any curious in the slightest. Oh and btw, I do really enjoy cheese. More eating it than actually being a connoisseur on the subject, but I’m happy to learn.

  • Morris updated their bio at 14:12 - 4th Dec 2021


    Real cool guy calm and collected a rapper

  • Karoline updated their bio at 10:02 - 2nd Dec 2021


    Hello everybody. I am a super friendly and outgoing person looking for friends. I’ve been living in Ireland for two years. I was a long time in a relationship and now single and no single friends so I am looking for them. if you are also interested in making friends and would like to chat with me I cant wait for that. Thanks Xx

  • Suzon updated their bio at 12:36 - 1st Dec 2021


    Just landed from france. Rather timid on the first approach, I thought this might be a good way to break the ice. I'm looking to meet new people and hopefully make some friends. I'm usually a joyful person with a good sens of humour, I just need a little help to initiate the relationship 😉 Always in for drinks, walks, musics, or just chilling around tea or coffee.

  • Shania updated their bio at 5:37 - 1st Dec 2021


    I've recently just moved to dublin, interests include fitness animals and food!

  • Rémi updated their bio at 13:48 - 30th Nov 2021


    I there, don't know what to put here. As it might appear somewhere my name is Remi and I just arrived in Cork city and want to enjoy life here

  • Glodie updated their bio at 0:47 - 30th Nov 2021


    Hey, tryna find some girls to make friends with going out, going for food and drinks type thing preferably in Dublin area but anywhere in Ireland is fine! ☺️ I’m easy going and have a good sense of humour .

  • Ashley updated their bio at 10:02 - 29th Nov 2021


    Hi I’m Ashley I’m 26 and I live in Galway city. Would love to make friends to go on trips with, shopping, nights in and out and just be besties

  • Eamonn updated their bio at 16:50 - 27th Nov 2021


    Hi, My name is Eamonn and I am a Software Engineer. I was born in September 1966. I am Irish and I have worked in England for a number of years, and briefly in Denmark, and have been back in Ireland since 2010. My "Sanctuary" is Music, and Melodic Electronic Music in particular. I enjoy Films, Comedy, Travelling and Very Novice Photography, amongst other things. I am looking to see if I can develop some friendships, perhaps initially online, and then perhaps face-to-face at some stage, in or around the Dublin area (I live in Lucan). All the best, Eamonn

  • Sorabh updated their bio at 22:54 - 24th Nov 2021


    I am new to Ireland and am looking to meet new people and make friends. My interest includes sports, going to gym, music, hiking, pubs and partying. I am very social.

  • Jared updated their bio at 10:23 - 24th Nov 2021


    Currently still in South Africa, looking to make the move to Ireland, wanting some advice and help, if true friends are made too that is a major bonus.

  • Síonna updated their bio at 13:43 - 23rd Nov 2021


    21 Engaged Alt Bpd

  • Hannah updated their bio at 2:03 - 23rd Nov 2021


    Hello! Recently moved to Cork from London (originally from Kerry) and looking to meet a few people in a new place :)

  • SAHIKA SENKALFA updated their bio at 11:48 - 20th Nov 2021


    Hello there! I’m planning come to Ireland for language school. I would be very happy if you could help me learn about Ireland. It would be great to make new friends before going there.

  • Shumeel updated their bio at 6:39 - 20th Nov 2021


    Looking to make new friends in Ireland and socialize and explore.

  • Dolores updated their bio at 5:44 - 19th Nov 2021


    Hi All, Friendly 44 year old woman here from Sligo but living in Dublin now so looking to make new life long female friendships to do the usual girly stuff that will last a life time. I’m single with no children so no commitments as of yet which makes it easier for me to socialise more while making new friends. I love meeting new people all the time, hearing about where the come from and learning about different cultures as it interests me. I am actually learning South American Spanish at the moment when I can. I love the language, Although it’s actually tricky to learn but I’m determined to do it💪🏻 I want to travel using the language in the future. Looking to meet other people with the same interests as myself so if you are interested to learn more just give a shout. Looking forward to meeting some great people🙂

  • Athichok updated their bio at 1:40 - 19th Nov 2021


    Hi! My name is Jumbo. This is my first time in Ireland, I will stay in Monaghan for 2 months, looking for a friend who can discuss in several thing such as music, movie, cat, travel and our culture. So happy to visit Ireland!

  • Roma updated their bio at 14:59 - 18th Nov 2021


    Looking to meet people similar age for chats coffee and days out shopping lol.

  • Bru updated their bio at 12:40 - 18th Nov 2021


    -Kdramas - books - video games -jigsaw puzzles - tv series, movies

  • Mel updated their bio at 3:10 - 18th Nov 2021


    Hi! Hoping to make some friends on here with similar interests 😊

  • Nadine updated their bio at 14:29 - 17th Nov 2021


    Moved to Ireland in mid 2019 from South Africa. I am passionate about life and enjoy meeting new people.

  • Anna updated their bio at 9:13 - 15th Nov 2021


    I'm a writer, I have a lovely posh south of England accent and I like to make people laugh about it but I know very little about 'the football' these days. I'm currently living in an extremely isolated place, which is why I'd like to make new friends. I'm quiet, I like learning, travel, reading, writing, films, Dublin, cats, humour, photography (just basic). I'm looking for genuine friends (not dates or anything along those lines). I'd love to make Irish friends and learn more about Ireland. Due to recent experiences on this site, I need to be clear, I am not interested in sad men who DM me and ask for my picture, I think you're kind of pathetic. This isn't a dating site or an adult chat site, it's a friendship site. Just to add again men looking for relationships or sex, don't message me.

  • Susan updated their bio at 4:48 - 15th Nov 2021


    Hi I'm a mum of 3 who has moved to a new area. Looking to meet new friends to go for a coffee or a walk and a chat

  • Cintia updated their bio at 2:50 - 14th Nov 2021


    Hi, Planning to visit Ireland in March with a friend, looking for some guidance and someone to hang with. We are both studying in the university to become primary teachers.

  • Anna updated their bio at 5:00 - 13th Nov 2021


    Looking for a group of friends 😃

  • Carô updated their bio at 5:43 - 9th Nov 2021


    My name is Caroline. I'm from Brazil and looking for new friends.

  • Cathy updated their bio at 14:23 - 7th Nov 2021


    Recently moved to Cork, know no body and love to make some friends. Love reading, animals, interior design and self development.

  • Shannon updated their bio at 14:58 - 6th Nov 2021


    I love reading, writing and music. Mostly just looking for chill people with similar interests. Bonus points if you love reading (YA is my guilty pleasure) and all things witchy.

  • David updated their bio at 15:19 - 4th Nov 2021


    19 year old male. Currently studying social science. Interests are Marvel, Nintendo and MHA. Enjoys hot chocolate and hikes.

  • John updated their bio at 11:41 - 3rd Nov 2021


    Hi my name is John 48 from kildare. Hobbies Hiking, Theatre, Cinema, Travel,

  • Semujjj updated their bio at 9:25 - 1st Nov 2021


    Want to make friends

  • Arun updated their bio at 12:12 - 30th Oct 2021


    Identity theft is not a joke Jim

  • Bo updated their bio at 20:56 - 29th Oct 2021


    Hey I am Bo, I am 18. I am a college student at IT Sligo and I study writing and English literature. I am such a ball of kindness but i feel like people use me and I just want genuine friends.

  • Upama updated their bio at 18:28 - 28th Oct 2021


    I am here to learn about different culture and food and definitely would love to make new friends ! Really looking forward to it!

  • Monica updated their bio at 15:04 - 28th Oct 2021


    Love the outdoors , love going on adventures in forests / lakes.

  • Mark updated their bio at 2:34 - 28th Oct 2021


    I’m new to Ireland having moved from the UK recently. I know no one here and am slightly lonely. Looking to make new friends and meet people. So I’m 43, single, and over weight. I’m a people person, but can be shy. I’m friendly and kind, really just want to spend some time with someone else maybe just have the physical contact. I love football, WWE wrestling(not sure why), fishing, sci-fi(Star Trek,Babylon5), movies. I walk a lot and swim, I listen to audio books while I walk. I’ve been to uni, in the UK, I have a small family in the UK.

  • Patricia updated their bio at 23:06 - 27th Oct 2021


    Hi, I am looking to make new friend(s). Alot of my friends are married and children which is great :) but they don't have as much time to do things during the week or even weekends. I am interested in going for walks, music, going for drink or going for dinner.

  • Thibaut updated their bio at 15:29 - 26th Oct 2021


    Hey everyone ! New to this country, new to this great city of Dublin, I'm looking to meet new people and have lots of fun.

  • Monika updated their bio at 10:04 - 26th Oct 2021


    I am looking to make new friends as i have lost my circle of friends due to past relationship. I am generally outgoing, caring and i am always there for any of my friends. I like to spend time with people that i really care about.

  • Shauna updated their bio at 11:09 - 25th Oct 2021


    Hi Ladies new to all of this and Making friends as an Adult is so hard 😂❤ Looking for genuine gal pals to do brunch dates cocktails shopping coffee walks trips away just every day friends things ❤❤

  • Luhasha updated their bio at 2:30 - 25th Oct 2021


    I am a Teacher in government primary school

  • Joseph updated their bio at 13:55 - 24th Oct 2021


    Hey just looking to meet some new people! Always up for a chat

  • Patryk updated their bio at 9:34 - 23rd Oct 2021


    Am living in Cobh. I came here from Poland a few months ago. I don't know anyone here, so I have no life outside of work. It would be nice to meet someone 🙂

  • Xavi updated their bio at 2:26 - 21st Oct 2021


    I am Xavi. My girlfriend (Sara) and I came to Douglas, Cork, 3 weeks ago! We would like to know new people here to go out, drink coffee and whatever 🙂 We are from Barcelona, Spain!!

  • Alicja updated their bio at 13:13 - 20th Oct 2021


    Hey 👋🏻 My name is Alicja and I'm 19. I'm generally shy person at first. I would love to meet new people to hang out with☺

  • Louise updated their bio at 7:06 - 18th Oct 2021


    New here, open to suggestions of meeting new people and trying something new.

  • Kumar updated their bio at 17:05 - 16th Oct 2021


    Easy going, i would like to meet new people, had been in Galway since last year in Ireland around 6 years. I like to drive to see new places, and meeting in pubs for few drinks together and talk anything.

  • Waseem updated their bio at 10:58 - 11th Oct 2021


    Looking for new friends.Nice chat and walk around thanks.

  • Cherise updated their bio at 4:16 - 10th Oct 2021


    I related form South Africa almost 3 years ago. Love animals, reading and a big James Arthur fan! Looking to make new friends where socialising is not around drinking.

  • Kayleigh updated their bio at 21:32 - 6th Oct 2021


    Hi, My name is Kayleigh and I am 24 from Cork. I’m moving to Dublin in November and am a little nervous as I’ll be on my own! I’m a fun-loving person who is very chatty and friendly. I love Marvel, DC, tattoos, musicals and just having the craic ❤️

  • Ren updated their bio at 13:29 - 2nd Oct 2021


    Hi! My name is Renee and I am a 26 year old from Canada! I'm in Dublin for school and would love to make some new pals :) Would love to go out for food and/or drinks!

  • Amélie updated their bio at 7:50 - 2nd Oct 2021


    I'm a 28 year old belgian girl. Used to work as a GP in Belgium an I'm in Dublin for one year for a postgraduate at TCD. I love sports, hanging out for food or drinks.

  • Roger updated their bio at 6:28 - 2nd Oct 2021


    Hello, I am Nick,French guy, 48. Contact me to know more about me. N :)

  • Anjuli updated their bio at 7:03 - 1st Oct 2021


    Hi, I’m Anjuli :) I am german and here in Ireland as an AuPair. I found it hard to make friends so far, so I registered and hope to find some friends here :)

  • Nicolas updated their bio at 7:44 - 30th Sep 2021


    Hello, I am Nicolas, a 48 yo French guy who has recently returned from the UK. I am currently in France .That being said, I am looking for people happy to chat with and see what happens. I have already lived in Ireland.Well, a long time ago now. It was in 2002. And I loved it. I am not going to write a novel right now. If you are interested in knowing a bit more,don't be shy and drop me a line. I will reply ! Nicolas :)

  • Amy updated their bio at 9:39 - 27th Sep 2021


    Hi All I'm Amy 32 from dublin. I moved to cork over a year ago just before lockdown and have spent most of my time working from home which has made it difficult to meet new people. I am friendly , chatty and always up for trying something new. Hoping to meet some gal pals to go a coffee , good food , walks , activities with. Feel free to say hello 🙂

  • Lloyd updated their bio at 9:44 - 26th Sep 2021


    26 years old, from Limerick. Full time counsellor. Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

  • Rares updated their bio at 5:57 - 25th Sep 2021


    Romanian, currently studying a master's degree at UCC.

  • Heather updated their bio at 14:54 - 21st Sep 2021


    Busy wife and mother of 3 boys! Would love to take time out and enjoy like-minded ppl! Good company and a great laugh!

  • Leah updated their bio at 14:41 - 21st Sep 2021


    Hey I'm Leah I'm 23 and looking for new friends male and female to chill and hang with on the weekends! As with corona I've just been in a really bad place since 2020 and want to get back out there and meet up with people again

  • Cléo updated their bio at 12:55 - 21st Sep 2021


    Hi all! My name is Cléo and I am a Belgian 17 girl. I'm only here for two months so I'm looking to meet new people. If you are a great person, maybe we can be friends;)

  • Suzanne updated their bio at 7:37 - 21st Sep 2021


    I want to find new friends to have a chat with and go for a coffee.

  • Asif updated their bio at 11:43 - 20th Sep 2021


    Studied, working and living Dublin 12 years now and settled here. Originally from Asia. I am decent and hold good manners with respecting every human beings. Life is too short, better we share and care our life with others. Sharing and caring makes life truly meaningful. If it does make sense to you, feel free to connect me. English is not my first language but confident enough to make others comfortable when it comes about communications. Well, English is my 2nd language though.

  • Erik updated their bio at 10:35 - 20th Sep 2021


    Hello, Ive moved to Ireland with my darling just pre-covid, to County Clare and since then we have decided to move to the lovely city of Waterford as soon as we can ? So, I would love to meet some new friends and build it up from there. I have lived in several EU countries before, so I am well traveled, quite educated and I love meeaningful conversations and progressive minds to share ideas with etc. ATM still living near Limerick, but as Ivve said, looking to relocate to Waterford area.

  • Elvis updated their bio at 9:13 - 20th Sep 2021


    Hi. Elvis here🙂 Looking for friends to talk..

  • Niall updated their bio at 10:57 - 19th Sep 2021


    Hi, I'm Niall, I'm based in Tramore, Co. Waterford since the start of the pandemic, a lot of my friends have moved away in recent years. I enjoy the outdoors and like to keep active through activities like running. I also like watching football and hurling. I also enjoy going for coffee and strolls with friends.

  • Kay updated their bio at 10:55 - 19th Sep 2021


    Hi I'm a 28 year old Irish woman looking to make friends for walks, coffee, discussion, maybe have someone to go on holiday with next year.

  • Dawn updated their bio at 10:12 - 19th Sep 2021


    Looking to meet new like minded people near me Enjoy going to the gym outdoor activities, dinner socialising and going out for drinks 😁

  • Nev updated their bio at 9:37 - 18th Sep 2021


    Working mum (45) living in Cork. Enjoy swimming, crochet, walking my dogs. Would love to meet new friends.

  • Ebony updated their bio at 11:13 - 15th Sep 2021


    Hi I’m ebony, I’m 20 and I’m a fashion student.

  • Mrisho updated their bio at 1:49 - 15th Sep 2021


    I am Mrisho from Tanzania looking for friends from Ireland. I love Ireland and its good people. I have a Bachelor degree in wildlife science and conservation

  • Sally updated their bio at 16:10 - 14th Sep 2021


    Easygoing mum whose fledgelings are leaving the nest and freeing up my time , looking to meet like minded people to socialise with, try new things and start to enjoy life again. I Enjoy music concerts, theatre, travel.

  • Aisling updated their bio at 15:11 - 13th Sep 2021


    Love all things sport & music. Favourite sport is tennis. Recently started hiking and loving being outdoors more. Positive, fun loving person.

  • Caroline updated their bio at 1:47 - 13th Sep 2021


    I moved to Ireland in 2018. From London.

  • Katia updated their bio at 14:59 - 12th Sep 2021


    Russian who lives in Dublin for almost 4 years. Dedicated myself to work for a while so never was able to make friends in Dublin :) have various interests - reading, sightseeing, movies, going out etc Single mom

  • Simon updated their bio at 15:41 - 10th Sep 2021


    I'm a 30 year old Adventure loving person who loves travelling around Ireland with my cameras and capturing most unique views I also love going to gigs im very easy going drop me a message i dont bite promise

  • Nuraini updated their bio at 4:17 - 10th Sep 2021


    Hi, I'm in my early 40s and starting to feel the consequences of putting work before relationships. I'm looking to change that and hope that I can instill the importance of friendships into my children. Unfortunately I need to lead by example, :). So here goes. I am more comfortable with inanimate objects and animals than I am with people. I also tend to put my feet in my mouth, both of them. I suppose due to my lack of social practice. More things I wish to change. I truly hope it's not too late at this age. I don't have a profile picture of myself to put up as I'm not comfortable with how I look (it always gives me a shock :)) and usually get past this by keeping busy. The picture is a poster my daughter made for a school campaign, which I hope to stay true to and help fight for though I would definitely prefer if there was no need to do so. I would like to be involved in local community services to get me up and moving and socially involved, but I can't seem to find anything suitable around me, and I don't really know where to start. Pointers would be welcomed. I gave up my career as I could no longer juggle that and my children and health. So now I have most mornings free. Looking forward to making new (safe) connections.

  • Leah updated their bio at 1:00 - 9th Sep 2021


    30 year old mam of four from Dublin, still living in Dublin and working part time. Looking to make mam and non-mam friends on and offline. Seeking to make actual connections and build a strong support network with people from all walks of life. I used to enjoy an erray of hobbies but then covid, now I live off coffee and sarcasm and enjoy the occasional trip to the bathroom for some peace. I'm a smoker, rarely drink alcohol, great sense of humour and non-judgmental. If I sound like your kind of person well give me a shout!

  • Diane updated their bio at 13:00 - 7th Sep 2021


    Work full time. Married with 3 pre teen/ teenage children. Introvert with a streak of wildness. Like movies, reading, and a good night out.

  • cevik updated their bio at 6:32 - 7th Sep 2021


    Served in the army for 10 years. Recently resigned and chose a new path in data science field. My master's studies kick off at 20th of September in Dublin Business School. I'm a dedicated student..still counting.

  • Muireann updated their bio at 4:29 - 7th Sep 2021


    I am 43 and a single parent stay at home mother to my 6 year old girl, looking to meet new friends, very chatty, friendly, outgoing

  • Laura updated their bio at 14:25 - 5th Sep 2021


    Would love coffee dates and adventures

  • Amy updated their bio at 10:01 - 5th Sep 2021


    Travel around alot for work example being in Dublin and cork a lot and staying over night love would to have friends around to go on some adventures even if that means stopping at the pub ✌🏼

  • Conor updated their bio at 13:37 - 4th Sep 2021



  • Shane updated their bio at 11:17 - 4th Sep 2021


    Talking bollocks since time immemorial.

  • Fabio updated their bio at 10:29 - 4th Sep 2021


    Hello! I'm looking for really cool conversations. Feel free to send me a message. (If you read One Piece manga, tell me now what I thought about the last chapter hahaha)

  • Nadine updated their bio at 13:39 - 3rd Sep 2021


    Hey! I'm Nadine from Germany. I would love to make some friends in Ireland to have some english conversations and maybe we could meet someday? I lived in Dublin for 6 Months and fell in love with Ireland, I can't wait to come back.

  • Simon updated their bio at 12:45 - 3rd Sep 2021


    Easy going/get along with, likes guitar, football, music, going out, Traveling.

  • Wren updated their bio at 12:39 - 3rd Sep 2021


    Looking for chat/study buddies to study/chill together ( ̄∇ ̄) Additionally, I am new to Dublin. Thus, i would really appreciate if anyone can bring me around Dublin to explore this lively and beautiful city! Thank you! ↖(^ω^)↗

  • Wyken updated their bio at 20:35 - 2nd Sep 2021


    Hey. I’m a French girl moving to Ireland for college . I’ll normally go to UCC. And I’m looking for friends cuz I don’t wanna be lost 😂.

  • Aoife updated their bio at 10:24 - 2nd Sep 2021


    Dia daoibh! 🙋‍♀️ I've just recently moved to Dublin with my partner and don't really know many people in the area. Would love to meet some people to hang out with and get to know the city. I'm hoping to make female friends for now 😊 I'm 26, so in between age categories here!

  • Manoj updated their bio at 1:07 - 2nd Sep 2021


    Hello. I'm from Limerick and would like to meet new people. I use Snapchat, Instagram. Also would like to meet in person in Limerick is there is a good vibe 🙂

  • Linda updated their bio at 8:54 - 1st Sep 2021


    35f, married, living in East Clare. I enjoy making things, gaming (boardgames and videogames), reading, films&TV.vI love nature and animals.

  • Hannah updated their bio at 10:47 - 31st Aug 2021


    Hi! My name is Hannah Malin and I just moved to Dublin to start a masters program at Trinity College. Knowing no one here, I’m trying to branch out and make friends :).

  • khalid updated their bio at 6:37 - 31st Aug 2021


    Im khalid . 28 years Graphic/UX-UI designer

  • Kieron updated their bio at 14:08 - 29th Aug 2021


    39 year old man... Happily married with kids. Interested in most sports, cooking and craft beers. Always had a small circle of friends and it's gotten smaller in the last couple of years. Really just hoping to connect with some new people to hang out, have a beer, chat etc..... Completely new to this so here's hoping !

  • Lisa updated their bio at 3:31 - 29th Aug 2021


    From Galway originally. (43 yrs) Nature- forest & hiking & coastal trails. Trying new food. Interesting conversations.

  • Dev updated their bio at 1:24 - 29th Aug 2021


    I'm very friendly, travel lover person and new to this place. To know more let's be friends.

  • Dean updated their bio at 16:38 - 28th Aug 2021


    Hey I’m 23 from cork. A keen gym goer who also loves cars especially valeting and detailing! Love talk radio too and debating. Music wise I’d listen to a broad range from old to new.

  • Simone updated their bio at 15:57 - 28th Aug 2021


    Italian in Cork, 30 years old. Hobbies: meditation, self growth, classical music, culture, art

  • Saoirse updated their bio at 14:43 - 28th Aug 2021


    Im an empathetic,outgoing spiritual person who loves going out for a few drinks but also staying in to chill and watch movies play video games . I write music ,sing and play guitar ,practice meditation and energy healing as well as enjoying working out and fun activities!Im looking to make some new friends with similar interests.

  • Rafhan updated their bio at 13:41 - 28th Aug 2021


    Selenophile🌕 Nyctophile 🌌🌃 Environmentalist 🐝🌱 Ambivert😇 Humanitarian Advocate, Quantity Surveyor📚 Boy swiftie💓 Binge watcher of TV shows (F.R.E.I.E.N.D.S.😍) *Lankan-Turk-Norge*

  • Sinead updated their bio at 13:39 - 28th Aug 2021


    I'm a person who loves to laugh, be social and get outdoors! I get excited for events, travel and love to try new things that put me just outside my comfort zone.

  • toussaint updated their bio at 12:26 - 28th Aug 2021


    Hi my name is Emily , i love art, travel ,music and movies I would like to meet other like minded people for talking, going out for a meal/drink, shopping, cinema and theatre. Please message if you would like to connect.

  • Melissa updated their bio at 9:18 - 28th Aug 2021


    Hi all, moved from the big city of Dublin to the midlands and would love to make some connections 😊

  • Dee updated their bio at 3:55 - 28th Aug 2021


    46 happily married woman with two college going kids, like growing my own veg, vegan, laidback.

  • Leonardo updated their bio at 11:46 - 27th Aug 2021


    I'm from Chile, moving next year to Ireland and looking forward to meet new people.

  • Eric updated their bio at 13:16 - 26th Aug 2021


    Hi I'm Eric. I like to read books, write, watch movies and socialize with people.

  • Pierre updated their bio at 8:29 - 25th Aug 2021


    I'm a french guy, living in Ireland for the last 15 years. Spend 11 of them in Galway, then 2 in Sligo and now in Boyle

  • Sarah updated their bio at 2:14 - 25th Aug 2021


    Just about to relocate back to Ireland after living abroad, and looking to make some friends! Up for all the usual fun stuff - shopping, coffee, nights out!

  • Susanna updated their bio at 10:00 - 24th Aug 2021



  • Emma updated their bio at 15:21 - 23rd Aug 2021


    I'm looking to find new friends, I'm not fussy men OR women,....., so please drop a message if you feel like you would like to get to know each other 🙂.

  • Maya updated their bio at 4:37 - 23rd Aug 2021


    Hi my name is Maya ! I like meeting new people from different parts of the world, travelling, outdoor activities and trying new things. My Hobbies : Walking in nature, swimming, cycling, cooking, dancing, reading and learning new languages. I also speak english, french, german in case you are interested in practicing your language skills.

  • Nicolas updated their bio at 12:57 - 22nd Aug 2021


    I am a French guy in Ireland for a month, and looking to make friends (especially in Navan/County Meath)

  • Sarah updated their bio at 6:32 - 22nd Aug 2021


    👋 I'm new here. With the pandemic it's been hard to get out and about. Would love to meet some new people for coffee and chats :)

  • Grace updated their bio at 4:25 - 22nd Aug 2021


    I have been Ireland for the past 6 years I really find it hard to connect with people I love to have friends who are having hard time or just anyone who is lonely doesn’t have anyone to talk to I had a lot of friends from where I came from I was always had their backs unfortunately they didn’t have mine so am looking for anyone who is able to talk to me in exchange I will do the same

  • Kamila updated their bio at 15:35 - 20th Aug 2021


    Hi, everyone! I’m Kamila, I’m 22. I like everything in this world. Don’t think please that I’m stupid 🙂 but there’s some truth. So, I mean that I’ve got lots of hobbies, Idk like reading, drawing, making photos, learning all things I find interesting, watching movies and so on. You know, I can talk with you about everything, let’s start then (but please let’s imagine that we are already friends, because I hate starting conversation with the standard “hihowareyouwhatareyourhobbies” Etc. You can even start with your cat’s description, why not 🙂

  • Emelie updated their bio at 11:30 - 19th Aug 2021


    Hi! I’m moving to Dublin (and Ireland) during the first week of September. Found this platform and thought I’d try it to meet some new people ☺️ (I’m 20 years old by the way, neither age category quite fit) When not moving cross countries I can usually be found at a pub or a library, but I’m open for most things! @gudkomplex on Instagram

  • John updated their bio at 11:01 - 18th Aug 2021


    I am a normal guy, married, kids and life has lead to friends and activities going away. Looking to meetup with like minded people for conversation and friendship

  • Ruth updated their bio at 4:35 - 18th Aug 2021


    Looking to meet likeminded people to just have a laugh with and enjoy some nice lunch out or cocktails 😊

  • Caroline updated their bio at 3:53 - 15th Aug 2021


    Just came across this site and thought I'd give it a chance to meet friends, never really been very popular

  • Alannah updated their bio at 13:14 - 14th Aug 2021


    Hey I’m a psychology student currently working in the social care sector, I enjoy going out and having the laugh, coffee dates ☕️ Cinema, walks and just chilling.

  • Awnj updated their bio at 12:02 - 14th Aug 2021


    Comms professional with a background in journalism. Looking to meet like minded pals for walks, wine and craic.

  • Aine updated their bio at 11:18 - 14th Aug 2021


    I love sports, learning new things, travelling, just having fun, chats & coffees. I have children & am happily married. I have friends but like meeting new people.

  • Deb updated their bio at 9:07 - 13th Aug 2021


    Just looking to make friends

  • Laura updated their bio at 6:09 - 13th Aug 2021


    From Cork myself, moved to Ballincollig recently and looking to make new friends in the area. Hit me up!

  • CM updated their bio at 1:27 - 13th Aug 2021


    Hi Interested in hiking walks , outdoor activities, and going for dinner

  • lia updated their bio at 7:31 - 12th Aug 2021


    hi I just wanna make friends I believe you should know I'm hell awkward and a weirdo BTW I'm not from Ireland i just didn't find my country

  • Shannon updated their bio at 5:33 - 12th Aug 2021


    I'm Shannon, I'm laid-back loving caring hard-working overprotective sweet. Positive vibes always. Love having a laugh but mainly socialising with people too

  • Andrea updated their bio at 16:43 - 11th Aug 2021


    Hi bubbly authentic Dublin lady likes fun positive genuine people not users ....loves outdoors sees the positives in life and loves life love walking photography anything fun really .

  • Michelle updated their bio at 12:13 - 10th Aug 2021


    Hi I'm just looking to meet and make new friends interested in dressing up going for dinner, cocktails, walking, music...

  • Jegathesh updated their bio at 17:51 - 9th Aug 2021


    I am Malaysian, age 39 male. Looking to get to know people from Ireland

  • Shelley updated their bio at 3:50 - 9th Aug 2021


    Live adventure, exploring and outdoors and passionate about wildlife, animals and conservation. Enjoy walking, trivia, dancing, music and of course good food and drinks

  • Maja updated their bio at 11:46 - 8th Aug 2021


    I am 44, Polish, living in Dublin / Clontarf for overall 13 years with my husband and would love to meet new friends for a coffee meet-ups, walks in the park or just online chat. Covid made us a bit isolated, many of our friends returned to their countries, my work is remote so I feel a bit lonely. Interesting fact - I travelled for 2.5 years and lived in Australia for 1.5 year. Please message me and I am happy to find out more about you 🙂

  • Ross updated their bio at 3:56 - 8th Aug 2021


    I am a 45 year old male who relocated to Dublin in February. I am looking to meet guys and girls for meals out, sightseeing, walks, shows etc.

  • Michelle updated their bio at 13:52 - 7th Aug 2021


    Hi I'm 33 years old have an interest in dining out, having a laugh and just enjoy dressing up in general.. looking to meet new friends too meet for coffee and normal things lol

  • Gráinne updated their bio at 13:02 - 7th Aug 2021


    Hi! I'm Gráinne, I'm from Dublin and I'm training to become a Montessori teacher. I am currently working in childcare but spent several years in France, working as an English teacher. I'd love to meet some new people for lunch, coffee, going for a walk or visiting somewhere interesting ☺️ INFP ☺️

  • Julie updated their bio at 12:32 - 7th Aug 2021


    Just looking for friends to hang out with.

  • Zack Glass updated their bio at 19:31 - 5th Aug 2021



  • Ray updated their bio at 10:58 - 5th Aug 2021


    Into hurling, cinema. A few beers. The beach. Day trips/ sight seeing.

  • Precious updated their bio at 1:54 - 3rd Aug 2021


    Hi my names Precious, I’m 21 and currently looking for new people to talk to and hopefully form long friendship with❤️💕

  • Andrea updated their bio at 6:49 - 2nd Aug 2021


    Hello! I moved to Ireland to work a while ago, but you know, latest year has been tough, so I wanted to enrich once again my knowledge of this beautiful island and come to know new friends! I'm open for a chat or a pint, to share stories or just to have a laugh :)

  • Yayou updated their bio at 21:44 - 1st Aug 2021


    In Dublin for few days in the last week of August on a solo trip, looking to meet people with common interests like adventures, hiking, grabbing a drink and nature lover to explore together or get some advices. Who knows you might be the next one to visit Lebanon / Dubai and I'll be helping out 😉

  • julie updated their bio at 16:48 - 31st Jul 2021


    Tall 6:2 ,down to earth,music lover,happy go lucky,educated,love walks n traveling.

  • Katie updated their bio at 11:56 - 31st Jul 2021


    Looking to make new friends Socially awkward with a good sense of humour lol

  • Lisa updated their bio at 7:42 - 30th Jul 2021


    looking to meet some friends in Dublin with similar interests.

  • Sandra updated their bio at 7:24 - 30th Jul 2021


    I’m looking to make female friends in the Meath area ,I’m Sandra 56 and hoping to make friends with shared interests and meet up for coffee and days out

  • aziz updated their bio at 18:13 - 29th Jul 2021


    need friend to realese the emptiness

  • Ciara updated their bio at 10:48 - 29th Jul 2021


    Just looking to make some friends and have some fun times and adventures :)