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Why is it so Difficult to Make Friends in Ireland?!

Welcome Forums General Why is it so Difficult to Make Friends in Ireland?!

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      Anonymousto reply use
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        I have moved "recently" to Ireland and I find it difficult to make friends here whatsoever. I believe that making friends in one's 30s can be a bit challenging even in one's own country. But I guess in Ireland the difficulty is doubled, if not tripled.

        "Recently" means around 10 months by now.

        If anybody is willing to meet for a coffee or tea, I would be more than happy to do so.


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        Vitor Pyto reply use @vitor_py
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          Hey – I moved here a little more than a year ago. I agree – it's been hard to socialise in Dublin, more so than other countries I've lived before.

          I'd be happy to meet for some coffee!

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          Anonymousto reply use
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            Hi Vitor, I will message you

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            Nina Cto reply use @sunshine101
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              Nadia_Sto reply use @nadia_s
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                One of the main reason is probably due to cultural differences – that's why people have diffrent relationship patterns and expectations. I come from a more collective culture in which people think about others, people can rely on each other, are honest with each other, authentic and relationships are deeper and only then can it be called friendship. Someone here says that he has a friend, and the only thing he has in common with him is that they will go out for a beer from time to time to have small talk.

                Good luck in finding true friends.

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                Thomas Mcmullento reply use @thomas_mcmullen
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                  Because Social media influences peoples lives

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                  Regina Hehirto reply use @regina-hehir
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                    Bethwyn Whitcombeto reply use @bethwyn_whitcombe
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                      I can’t agree more. I can’t even find places to meet people, and the people I do meet don’t stay in contact

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                      Anonymousto reply use
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                        Dylan Díazto reply use @shiny_dylan
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                          I don’t know but I’m lonely hahaha

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                          Amberley Gto reply use @amberley-g
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                            Hi guys I am living in Dublin for the past 3 years ,I've decided write here because I would like meet people and socialise with them .
                            Ireland is amazing country with many places for discovery and for go to visit and I don't have people with can do this things .
                            People with interests in go out and drink a coffee (or a drink) and visit places around..
                            Make good connexions and continuing learning English this are my interests .
                            If someone have same interests can text me .
                            Many thanks

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                            Anonymousto reply use
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                              I'm Irish, I lived abroad for many years. I think because I didn't see the people I went to school with we all grew apart as time went by. I'm single and many people I know are in relationships or living in other places. I find it's harder to make friends as you get older generally unless you make new friends through work and that's not always easy. I think it's difficult to make friends because many people are very busy or have settled on their friends already.
                              So I think we have to make the effort with the small talk and see where it leads…
                              Really hoping to get to know some interesting new people on this site and make some new friends.

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                              kelto reply use @kel
                              Message Member

                                It can be so hard to make friends here!

                                I have lived in Ireland all my life, 25 now and even i struggle to make friends here.

                                Good luck and I hope you make some friends here

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                                Anonymousto reply use
                                Message Member

                                  I've never tried it, it's my first experience, so I can't say anything about it yet.

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                                  Agni Paulto reply use @agni
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                                    Don't know how to go about these things as meeting people directly and talking works less in the small country that I've lived in. Been almost 2 years since I've relocated to this country but I do enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them while sharing hobbies.

                                    Feel free to drop a line and we can talk more.

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                                    Poppy121to reply use @poppy121
                                    Message Member

                                      I too would love to meet new friends. It seems to get harder and harder as I get older & there are less places to meet where you can make a real connection

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