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      Kady Faulto reply use @kady-faul
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        Hey everyone,👋
        It’s been playing on my mind, and with it becoming more and more severe daily, I wanted to see what you thought?
        Different parts of the world? 🌎
        Different parts of the country?
        How are you feeling about what or world/country is facing right now!
        I’ll be honest,when it first became apparent,I.for.one didn’t really take much notice,it was in China it was affecting me directly!🙄
        NOW, However I’m scared frightened for my family,my unborn.baby and just of the unknown and how long, will we be facing this Scary unknown Virus.😥

        I would love to see what all of you think?
        I think this is the perfect opportunity for people to stand together when the best we can do is be apart! So this is the perfect place to connect 😘
        Kady x

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        Sherelle Foran Richardsonto reply use @sherelle-foran-richardson
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          Hey kady im living in dublin and its so scary, its like nothing i have ever seen. Its so quiet im terrified for my uncle in holland as he is in remisson from cancer.

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