Posted 17th May 2021

Hi everyone!! I'm 22 years old and recently graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA with a degree in Creative Writing. I'm currently living back at home with my parents in Miami, FL and am planning on moving to Dublin, Ireland within the next month or so. I'm extremely excited to make this move, however, I've never been to Ireland or even anywhere in Europe. I'm looking to get in touch with some cool and friendly like-minded people in the Dublin area so I have some friends upon moving! I'm extremely friendly, outgoing, adventurous, and easygoing. I love going out as well as having chill nights at home and I'm looking for friends to do these things and more with once I move! Message me on here or on instagram (reaganwantman)! I'd love to meet you!

  1. Kanede says:
    @reagan-wantman didn’t mean to send that haha, sent you a message by inbox ☺️