Posted 4th January 2021

2920 felt like a year where I was cocooning for most of it! I'm hoping 2021 is a little brighter. I know we're in a lockdown at the moment but hope to make more of the times when restrictions are lifted. I'm throwing this thought out there in the hope that I may get an opportunity to meet up with some members at times. I'd love to see and explore more of the southeast in the good times. Would love to cover the blue way, part of the green way, reach the summit of less challenging mountains such as Slievenamon, The Devils Bit, get acquainted with the Glen of Aherlow. I'd love to see some of the waterfalls around Kilkenny, Waterford and Tipperary if there are waterfalls to be found. I'd love to discover more of the Coillte forest trails. I have always loved the theatres around too. Would love to go to the amphitheatre in Kilkenny, would love to see a gig in Mitchelstown caves etc if they will go ahead. I'm also open to others suggestions too. I'm based in South tipp that's why I've suggested stuff locally. If any of you have any suggestions or ideas that would be great

  1. Newkid21 says:
    Sorry off to a bad start. Meant to say 2020.